Review: Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

10803709Genre: High Fantasy
Pages: 615
Series: Elantirs #1 (It works as a standalone and the sequel is expected by 2020. It’s the first book in The Cosmere.)

The capital of Arelon, the home to people transformed into magic-using demigods by the Shaod.

But then the magic failed, Elantris started to rot, and its inhabitants turned into powerless wrecks.

And in the new capital, Kae, close enough to Elantris for everyone to be reminded of what they have lost, a princess arrives. Sarene is to be married to unite Teod and Arelon against the religious imperialists of Fjordell. But she is told that Raoden, her husband to be, is dead.

Determined to carry on the fight for Teod and Arelon’s freedom, Sarene clashes with the high priest Hrathen. If Hrathen can persuade the populace to convert, Fjordell will reign supreme.

But there are secrets in Elantris, the dead and the ruined may yet have a role to play in this new world. Magic lives.


5 Stars


I fully intended to not give this book 5 stars because I’ve heard countless times that the other books in The Cosmere are even better than this one. I just couldn’t go through with it. I loved the book so much.

Brandon Sanderson is an amazing author. This is the second book I’ve read of his (The first was The Emperor’s Soul which I also loved) and if he continues writing books the these two, he will become my favourite author.

He created such awesome worlds and magic systems and explains them in such a great and accessible way that you have no problem understanding them. And he ha wonderful characters. I loved Sarene and Kaoden as individuals and they were perfect for each other.

Hrathen was a very complex character, and as much as I wanted to hate him, I couldn’t. In fact, by the time I got halfway through the book, I was hoping against hope that he would realize that he was supporting the wrong man.

The magic system was very unique and very interesting. And I wanted more. When the book ended, I was happy because I couldn’t take the characters being tortured (I swear, the last 50 pages were majorly unnerving. I was having problems sitting still), but I was also sad. I didn’t want the book to end.

The story was, like everything else in this book, amazing.

This book was not only enjoyable, it also appealed a lot to my critic side. I highly recommend checking this book out. If you’re hesitant (the book is kinda huge), read The Emperor’s Soul first. It’s a novella. It will definitely convince you.

Note: If you don’t know what the Cosmere is, here’s a link. It has a little explanation and the order in which to read the books.


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