Review: Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes



Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 413
Series: Falling Kingdoms #4

Disclaimer: This review will contain spoiler for the first three books in the series.


4 Stars


This book kicks off with Lucia having gone dark side and working with Kyan, the fire kindred. Cleo and Magnus are trying to deal with the fact that they lost the water kindred to Amara, the crazy, brother-killing, Kraeshian bitch and Jonas is… I don’t really care. Probably trying to be rebel-y and failing.

I honestly thought that this book would be very different because a lot of stuff changed during the last one. Unfortunately, not that much changed.

This series has this thing where the first half, or two-thirds, of the book are a bit uneventful. Stuff happens but… nothing really happens. But then stuff seriously picks up in the end. And it always annoying me because it feels like cheating. The same thing happened with this one but the last part really did make up for it.

Quite a few issues got resolved and, again, shit went down. A huge part of the angst-y-ness, I think, got solved too. Though I swear to God, it the angst-y shit comes back and if there’s one more sentence about Theon-what’s-his-face, there will be blood.

Let’s talk Theon. What is it with the importance given to him? He was basically created to die. I knew moments after he was introduced that he was going to die. But the author still keeps bringing him up! And don’t give me that Cleo-loved-him crap. She barely knew the guy and did not love him. He’s been an ongoing issue during the whole series and it’s gotten old.

That and the forced sexism. Morgan Rhodes wants to show a sexist society but she can’t seem to do it well. The society doesn’t seem sexist until some character makes a clear and obvious remark about it. Like I said, forced.

I’m not sure why I’m angry-ranting in this review. I really liked this book and I’m hoping the next one will be even better (it’s quite a lot shorter so maybe there won’t be dull parts).

Anyway, the writing has improved a lot since book one and I really like Magnus and Cleo (Ship!). I have hope yet for Jonas and Lucia (Nic can go to hell), I like the direction the series is heading and I’m excited for the next book.

Overall, this was a really good book and I enjoyed it.I didn’t get my OMG moment but one came pretty close. This is turning out to be a good series and I’m interested to see how it will end.


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