Review: The Darkest Part by Trisha Wolfe



Genre: NA Romance
Pages: 374
Series: Living Heartwood #1


2 Stars


For the first time ever, I wish I’d never read the book.

It’s never happened before because I’ve always read the book because I thought the plot sounded interesting. That was not the case this time. I’m not even sure why I decided to read it. It sure as hell wasn’t because of the premise.

This book is about Sam who, after losing her boyfriend, decides to go on a trip to spread his ashes in various places over the country so that he can be at peace. She thinks he isn’t at peace because she actually talks to him. It’s all in her head but she thinks he’s actually there. Or at least, his ghost is.

On the trip, her boyfriend’s brother Holden, with whom she has a past, joins her. And the book follows as Sam deals with losing her boyfriend and her feeling for his brother.

Now, some might think that I’d be bothered by Sam having feeling for Holden. I’m not. It’s no bug deal.

My problem with this book is related to Sam and her psychosis. It’s terribly done. I’m no expert, but I don’t think psychosis works that way.

Also, I felt not sympathy for Sam. Losing someone is hard, but seeing the “ghost” of your dead boyfriend even five months after his death can’t be chalked up to that. That’s just you being too weak to accept loss. And it was done terribly, all the psychological elements were. God knows why it hasn’t bothered anyone else.

And then there was this whole other level of stupid with Sam that had nothing to do with the psychosis. Basically, I hated her.

The resolution was also no good. Honestly the last 20% was really bad. 5% of it was a mix of unsatisfying parts and irrelevant parts. For the other 15%… I call bullshit.

I didn’t even care for the writing. It wasn’t bad, but… I don’t know.

Overall, the book was predictable, slow-paced, had a terrible protagonist and a plot that I did not give a shit about. I didn’t feel much romantic connection between Sam and Holden either. So unless you find the premise very interesting, I’d avoid it.


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