Review: Kick, Push by Jay McLean



Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Pages: 441
Series: Kick, Push #1

3 Stars


I really don’t wanna write this review.


Here goes nothing.

This book follows our two characters Joshua, a twenty-year-old who has been a single father for three years, and Becca, a girl who has had a difficult past. They both feel a connection with each other but life seems to come in the way. The book is about how they deal with their past and future and everything bad that’s thrown their way.

The prologue of the book was unexpectedly good. I really cared about Joshua and I was interested in reading about his life. But the rest of the book never lived up to the promise of the prologue.

The relationship between the protagonists happened so fast. One minute Becca shied away from touch and the next, they were making out. The pace wasn’t good and their connection just wasn’t there.

The book got quite bad after the half point mark, but it did pick back up. Enough that, I was even contemplating 4 stars. But I couldn’t ignore the rushed romance or the inconsistencies of the characters, even if the author did chose a sensible route for the story at that point.

3 or 3.5 was harder to choose between. But see, the book ends with a “To be continued…” and I don’t think there’s enough to their story to warrant a second book. I think the end could have been fine in this one. And when I realized that I hadn’t even thought about reading the sequel, that I had zero interest in it, the decision was made.

I also wish the author had focused less on showing us what the characters did when they broke down or snapped, and more on why they snapped in the first place. There wasn’t enough emotion, though the writing was okay.

Overall, the book was better that I expected it to be, I liked that the author tried to introduce complex and flawed characters, but it wasn’t a great book. More of a “read at your own risk” type.


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