Review: Ramsay by Mia Sheridan


I’m not posting the cover because it’s an unedited picture shirtless guy starting back at you, meaning it has absolutely zero relation to the plot. It’s not even good to look at.

Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Pages: 295
Series: No

2 Stars


I think I need to stop reading romance because I just… I’m not sure how much longer I can keep putting up with this. But before I get into that, description:

Ramsay is about Brogan Ramsay who was the gardener’s son at the house where Lydia lived. After being betrayed by her, he, his father and his sister are left homeless and starving in the streets. Seven years later, Brogan is now a millionaire and wants revenge for his humiliation. But Lydia is now a different person and his feeling for her aren’t entirely gone so now, he has to figure what he’ll choose, revenge or love.

Right off the bat, I’m gonna say that I wasn’t in this for the premise. I’ve read similar stories and they never work out very well because the idea of someone holding a grudge (over something that never turns out to be bad enough) seems improbable and dramatic.

I read this book because I love Mia Sheridan’s work. I, unfortunately, didn’t love this particular piece of work. While the author did manage to make the revenge plot work to some extent and made a good effort at developing a deep connection between the protagonists, it didn’t work as well as it could have.

Now, the reason I’ve started to doubt the romance genre is because the representation of women seems to be getting pretty bad. Which is funny because almost all romance authors are women, and yet, it doesn’t help.

Let’s take this book for example. While reading it, I couldn’t help but wonder about the way authors saw women: petty, jealous, mistrustful, stupid, easily manipulated, childish and incompetent. Is that how women are seem? Because that’s exactly what Lydia was like.

The representation of men isn’t that great either since they seem to lack a backbone, chasing her a women even after she treats him like shit.

In this entire novel, not one person acknowledged the fact that Lydia was an extremely flawed person. Everyone thought she was absolutely perfect and I wanted to put my head through a window.

Moving on from her, the plot wasn’t very interesting for me to begin with, and then it became a jumbled mess driven solely by Lydia’s mistakes and misconceptions. Even the writing wasn’t as good. It was so dramatic, like the book. The whole thing was over-the-top.

And, is it just me, or is Mia trying to follow in the footsteps of authors like Sylvia Day and Abbi Glines? They are the ones who have the overdramatic style that has a lot of focus on physical appearances. Now, I’m not saying they’re not good authors; I’m just saying that I want Mia to have her own style and stick with it. I like her previous work and I want to like her future work as well.

Overall, this book was a huge disappointment. I’m hoping Mia Sheridan will get back on track soon. It would suck to lose one of the few romance authors I can stomach.


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