Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu



Genre: YA, Science fiction, Dystopian
Pages: 354
Series: Legend #2

This review will contain SPOILERS FOR BOOK 1, LEGEND.


3.75 Stars


Prodigy is the sequel to Legend, a book I really liked (review here) and starts off merely days after the end of book 1. Day has escaped the Republic after his brother, John, sacrificed himself for him, and he did with the help of June, who is now also on the Republic’s most wanted list.

They’re both trying to meet up with the patriots because Day best friend Tess and also to ask for their help in finding Day younger brother Eden.

This is a fairly good sequel. I liked the fact that all the events of the first book weren’t pushed aside. Day and June may have escaped but a lot of things happened before that. They have to deal with the reality of the Republic and also the fact that June was partly responsible for half Day’s family being killed. And that was a very important issue within this book.

The book is very character driven and while that good for the most part, the first half of the book was made extremely angst-y because of it. Combine that with the dual attempts at love-triangle-ish-ness, and you have a pretty frustrating read.

But it got better as it moved forward. The communication between Day and June got better and there was a lot more action. The last third of the book was really good. There was a lot of problems addressed and characters developed.

We also found out a lot more about the world the series is set in; like what condition the world outside of the US was in. That was pretty interesting.

I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the writing in this book. There were some run-on sentences and it got a bit too descriptive at times. It was still good writing, just could have been better.

The ending… I’m not gonna talk about. Let’s just say that I desperately need the next book. I’ve already ordered it.

Overall, this was a good sequel that stood very well on its own, a problem lots of other series have. I’m excited, and scared, to know what will happen next.


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