Review: The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos by Elizabeth Barone



Genre: Romance, NA
Pages: 170
Series: No


1 Star


My God, this book is a mess! An inconsistent, poorly written, poorly planned mess with characters lacking a personality and a plot that I doubt even the author had a clear idea of.

It starts off with Max, who is a twenty-year-old, college-going single father. He lives with his parents, which is understandable. But then his mother kicks him out because she wants to focus on “her dreams”. Even his brothers (four of them) refuse to help him and he has to figure out how to survive on his own.

First of all, what a horrible mother! If she was so concerned with her “dreams”, she shouldn’t have had five fucking kids!

Anyway, Max moves out and manages to deal with being a single father with surprising ease. But he needs a nanny so he puts an ad on Craigslist and a woman responds. The woman has skull tattoos (hence the name).

Max doesn’t bother with a background check; you know, criminal record, work experience proof or anything, really. I don’t even think he asked for an ID. He just hired her after a few days. She moved in and that was that. We later found out that she’s got no experience and is just a spoiled little rich girl who was cut off by her parents after she dropped out of college. She dropped out because she failed every subject except art (even art history). Does any of this bother Max? Nope.

After that, the book focuses on… nothing. A lot of stuff is going on but there’s no focus. Not on fatherhood, not on Max’s relationship with his family, not on the romance. It’s like you’re in college but haven’t decided on a major; which is fine as long as you eventually decide. The book didn’t.

From the synopsis, I thought this book would be about the struggle of being a single father and about how we often judge people based on things like tattoos or brightly dyed hair. Obviously, it was not.

Max seemed to manage being a dad just fine and the tattoos didn’t have any meaning. On top of that, there was no chemistry between Max and Savannah, the nanny. Max’s family was simply… there sometimes. Oh and, the birth mother showed up (because that’s original) but she didn’t have any role other than to cause problems the author clearly needed to make the book even this long. I wish she simply hadn’t written it.

Basically, the book had no plot. I can’t even call it character-driven because the characters didn’t have personalities. There was also some crap about spanish and being Puerto Rican thrown in there that didn’t mean shit.

Overall, this book was a whole bunch of stuff that didn’t connect. I don’t suggest reading it.


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