Review: Demon From the Dark by Kresley Cole



Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 430
Series: Immortals After Dark #10

The book can also be read as a standalone (like I read it) and the review contains NO SPOILERS for any of the books in the series.


3.75 Stars


Aah, paranormal romance. This is one genre that I hardly every read since I can never take it seriously. Even when I pick up a book, I simply skim through some parts and therefore, don’t count it as “read”.

You see, the paranormal romance genre is largely sex-oriented. As if sex and romance are the same thing. It has characters like a thousand-year old vampire or someone who’s screwed a demigod. You can’t relate to them, even if they do have the maturity of preteens. The relationship also seem to be borderline abusive. And amidst all the foreplay and sex, other, more important, things suffer.

The characters aren’t well-developed, the world building is hastily thrown in there and it doesn’t work.

But this book is one I think is pretty good. It has its problems, like some of the dramatics. Also the growling. Like, what’s with that? It’s not hot. But the important thing is that it’s not all about sex (kind of) and the relationship doesn’t seem unhealthy.

It follows Carrow, who is captured. And in exchange for her and a little girl, Ruby’s, release, she must help her kidnappers in luring in a man said to be a ruthless monster. That man is Malkom. She agrees. The twist comes when they both find out that they’re fated to be together.

It was an interesting story. I could sympathise with Malkom and understand why he had trust issues. I liked Carrow and thought Ruby was great.

The writing and the pace were okay and this was, overall, a good read. I might try more books of this genre. For all I know, I’ve barely scraped the surface of what it has to offer.

I’m sorry for the short review but I didn’t have much to say regarding the book. It was good; and that’s what matters, right?


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