Wrap Up: July, 2016

Wrap up

Not as many reads this month. This was my month off, you see. Even some of the books on this list I read months before and, because of that, I won’t include them in the wrap up (I’ll link their review at the end). Click on the book title to see full review.

Let’s get started!

6547258The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson – 5 Stars

This is a high fantasy novel that features a huge heist, of sorts, and it is absolutely amazing and perfect. I’m completely obsessed with the world, the characters and the author. Oh and, the cover too.

This is only the first book of the series and I can’t wait to read more.


14290364Champion by Marie Lu – 4 Stars

This is the third and concluding novel to the Legend trilogy.

This was a really good book and a great conclusion. The book was fast paced and well written for the most part. I loved the story. I had a few issues with run-on sentences and writing format choice (on one occasion) but other than that, the book was great.


16003119Prodigy by Marie Lu – 3.75 Stars

This is the second book of the Legend trilogy.

I had a hard time with the first half of the book because it was simply too much angst for my taste and I wasn’t very comfortable with the writing. But after the rough patch, the book definitely picked up and I really liked the second half.


26044661Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole – 3.75 Stars

While I’m not one for the Paranormal Romance genre, I enjoyed reading this book.

It had an interesting story with characters I could like and sympathize with. The writing and pace were both okay and it got me thinking that maybe I should check out more of the genre.


17948607The Treatment by Suzanne Young – 3.25 Stars

Concluding novel to the YA dystopian duology, The Program.

This book could have been so good. I already liked the story and the characters and it’s only problem would’ve been some silly decisions (by protagonist) and some unexplained stuff. But because of the stupidly forced love-triangle, it almost crashed. Thankfully, the ending saved it.


16069030The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski -3 Stars

Book 1 of The Winner’s Curse trilogy.

I loved the protagonist. She was awesome. I also liked the writing (though it was slightly pretentious at times) and the romance. What I didn’t like was that this is being categorised as a Fantasy (though it ha no fantasy element) and that there was almost no world building. But I seriously enjoyed reading the book and am interested in the next one.


27208844Defending Hayden by L.P. Dover – 2 Stars

An Adult Romance that’s part of a series but also a standalone.

Almost nothing about this book worked. It was cheesy, barely had a story and isn’t very well written either. The synopsis was also very misleading. But it was fairly easy to get through and could have done worse. Hence, the two stars.


28801547The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos by Elizabeth Barone – 1 Star

An Adult romance.

Here’s the first line of my review:

My God, this book is a mess! An inconsistent, poorly written, poorly planned mess with characters lacking a personality and a plot that I doubt even the author had a clear idea of.

I’m sure that explains why I gave it 1 Star.


And that’s all for this month. Next month is a lot busier (and I mean a lot) so there’ll be way more reviews. Down below are the links for the other reviews I posted this month:

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (I read it at the very end of last month) – DNF
The Program by Suzanne Young – 3.5 Stars
The Kiss of Deception by Marie E. Pearson – 4 Stars
The Heart of Betrayal by Marie E. Pearson – 4.5 Stars


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