ARC Review: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena



Genre: Adult, Mystery/Thriller
Pages: 320
Series: No
Release Date: August 23, 2016


5 Stars


God, I loved this book so so much! And I can’t figure out how to review it!

I don’t remember the last time I reviewed a strictly mystery book (if I ever reviewed one at all) and now I feel like anything I say might be a spoiler and it’s making me constantly second guess myself. I should probably remedy the lack of mystery on my ‘read’ pile, but for now, I’m gonna give this review a shot.

This book follows are two main characters, Anne and Marco, who are husband and wife. The go to a dinner party in their neighbours’ house and think that, since they have a baby monitor, the house is so close, and they check on the baby every half hour, baby Cora would be fine. But then they come home after midnight to an empty crib.

In the investigation to find the baby, Anne and Marco find themselves as the prime suspects. The investigation is being led by Detective Rasbach, who is pretty determined to find what happened, how, and who was responsible.

The book has a very strong beginning, which is maintained till the end. The writing is very good and the narrative had a suspenseful tone to it.

You remember those old murder mystery movies with the big families, a mansion, guns hidden in books, and everyone trying to find the killer who turns out to be the butler? Yeah, this book has that sort of vibe to it, which was something I really liked.

The pace is also fantastic. The book just grips you tight and doesn’t let go till the end. I read the first half in one sitting and only closed it because it was after 2am and… sleep and stuff. But even after I put it down, I could stop thinking about it. It was very engrossing.

The characters were interesting and complex and I would discuss them more if it wouldn’t have been spoilery. But I think I can say something about Detective Rasbach. He was a likable character that you could get behind. He had a cynical view of life which was understandable, and even when he was trying to convict someone you didn’t want him going after, there was no resentment. As I said, likable.

I loved the story and the mystery aspects of it and how it made me suspect everyone. I would have suspected the neighbours’ cat if they had one.

So you can say that this book was well written, had great story, great characters and a relentless pace. It was engrossing, had some pretty unexpected developments and was, overall, a very good read. Highly recommend.

ARC provided by netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

P.S. I need someone to talk to about this book so please read it and then tell me.


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