Review: Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh



Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Adult
Pages: 339
Series: Guild Hunter #1


3.5 Stars


Not the best cover, is it? Don’t worry, the book is better.

It follows Elena, who leads a simple, happy, successful-vampire-hunter life until she’s approached by the lead archangel of New-York, Raphael. Raphael has a job for her which is very dangerous and different from anything she’s done before. Add in a little angelic seduction and you have the plot.

Since this book is a paranormal romance just as much as it is a fantasy, I went into it expecting the focus to be divided between the job and one person trying to sleep with the other. That worked in my favour so you should expect the same thing.

I liked the main character Elena. She was very trigger (or knife) happy but she was also fun and interesting. We got some of her backstory as well and I’m curious to get the rest of it.

Raphael was good as well. For a majority of the book, I was waiting for him to cross a certain line (male MCs in paranormal romances cross the like often) which would make me hate him forever, but he never did. Thank God for that. He was a good guy and I think the author did a fairly good job with the immortal aspect of his personality.

In fact, she dealt with immortality better than I expected. I was very interested in Lijuan, another archangel, and how her extremely long life had impacted her.

The flaws in this book are mainly two:

  • The world building needed more time. We got a general idea that the world was run by angels, but not about how much their involvement was and in what way. I would also have like some history with the angel-human relationships. Did the angel interfere in the World Wars?
  • There were too many unanswered questions. I know it’s to be expected in a book that’s part of a series but no so many. A lot Elena and Raphael’s backstories, stuff that’s important and talked about often, were kept under wraps.

Other than that, the writing wasn’t good at some parts but otherwise good. The last chapter, I think, needed a rewrite.

Overall, this was an enjoyable, interesting read with a good story and likable characters. I’m look forward to reading the next one. Maybe I’ll start it right now…


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