Review: Madame X by Jasinda Wilder


Genre: BDSM, Adult Fiction
Pages: 295
Series: Madame X #1 (Trilogy)


1 Star


For the first time ever, I’m writing a one-star review and I’m not even angry. Usually with 1, 2, sometimes even with 3, star reviews, there’s an angry rant in there somewhere. But this time I could just shrug off the entire book. Which means that, not only is this book very bad, it’s also not at all impactful or memorable (even in a bad way).

The book follows Madame X, or X simply, who is hired by rich people to bring their spoiled kids back in line. To make then seem professional. When she’s not doing her job, she is under the thumb of a very rich, powerful and dominating man named Caleb. Caleb basically treats her like is possession.

During the course of the book, X is supposed to start realizing what manipulative prick Caleb is. Except that doesn’t really happen. She sees that he’s violent and crazy and then she has sex with him.

In fact, there is one point when he literally strangles her. She sleeps with him twice more after that in the book. Because apparently, if you’re horny, it doesn’t matter if the guy is a psychopath. That’s the message this book gives. That and, If the rapist is hot, the girl enjoys herself. Because Caleb does rape her. And she’s fine with it. Colour me disgusted.

Back to being horny. Half of this book is just sex and X is turned on for 90% of the duration of the book. I’m not even exaggerating.

Then the other guy, Logan, shows up and the book just gets worse. He was the one thing that could have made a difference. But his relationship or chemistry with X doesn’t exist. He’s simply a guy who’s even hotter than Caleb so X wants to sleep with him. And X is hot she he wants to sleep with her. That’s the entirely of their “connection”. Logan isn’t even given a personality.

X is a character who could have been good because she has amnesia and, it seems at times, Stockholm Syndrome. But both of those things are ignored in favour of sex.

And Stockholm Syndrome isn’t actually specified or developed well since X does recognise that Caleb is bad news. But she stays with him because… again, he’s a good fuck. Which leads us to the conclusion that X isn’t sick. She’s just another pathetic and weak character to add to the list of characters hell-bent on destroying feminism.

Then there are other problems with the book like the less than stellar writing and the inconsistencies with the story and the narrative.

You see, Wilder attempted a second person type of thing where it seems as if she’s telling the story to her clients. She tells is how the client is feeling in second person. But then there are chapters when she isn’t concerned with the client but with herself which makes things inconsistent.

For other inconsistencies, I’ll give an example. In the beginning the book, X swears a few times while talking to a client. Then a few chapter later, she says that she never swears. There’s also a character introduced, Jonathan, who is a douche the first time we meet him. The next time we meet him though, he’s a completely different person. Sure, the author calls it progress. I call it shabby, unplanned writing.

Overall, I can safely say that this book is a disaster. Can’t believe this is by the same author who wrote Falling Into Us, which is one of my favourite books. I’d thought Jasinda Wilder had hit rock bottom with Alpha and Stripped. Apparently not.

Don’t read this book. It sends out a wrong message and isn’t worth the time you’ll spend reading it.


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