Review: Be Light Like a Bird by Monika Schröder



Genre: Middle-Grade, Contemporary
Pages: 240
Series: No
Release Date: September 1st, 2016


2.50 Stars


So I read this book over a month ago. I never take notes while reading so I always write the review within a day or two of finishing the book.

But this time, since I wasn’t going to be posting the review for long time (the release date was way later), I forgot to write it.

What I’m trying to say is, if I mess up this review, blame forgetfulness and procrastination.

This book tells the story of a Wren, a twelve-year-old who has very recently lost her father. She is absolutely devastated and the fact that her mother seems to have become a completely different person, doesn’t help matters at all.

All she wants is for her mom to talk to her and to share her grief. Instead, her mother keeps moving them from place to place and spending time with strange men. On top of that, she’s having a hard time at her new school, trying to fit in, struggling with peer-pressure and bullying.

The concept of the book is really good. All the concepts were great. The problem was, there were so many issues that the book was trying to tackle that none of them got the attention they needed.

There was Wren dealing with grief, her mom being distant, the pressure of being in a strange place, her desire to fit in and the added environmental conflict, with her trying to save a pond from being turned into a dumping ground.

All these things were going on at the same time. They were really rushed and poorly executed. The writing wasn’t very good or emotional either, which I believe is very important for a contemporary.

Overall, the book had a good idea behind it but the execution was lacking. Maybe the book could have done with either being a bit longer, or with removing a plot point or two. That may have helped.


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