Review: The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong



Genre: YA, Paranormal Fantasy
Pages: 360
Series: Darkest Powers #2

Disclaimer: The review contains spoiler for the first book of the series, The Summoning.


4 Stars


In the first book, we learn that our protagonist, Chloe, can see ghosts. She’s sent to Lyle house which is supposed to be a mental care facility, but is later discovered to be a place where supernaturals used to be experimented on. That’s why she, and a three other supernaturals, run away. But they’re betrayed and because of that, Chloe and her friend, Rae, are caught.

Now, Chloe has to find to escape so she can meet up with the two other supernaturals, Simon and Derek.

And that’s basicall what this book is about and what it includes. The entirely of it is spent, more or less, trying to escape and then evade recapture. It’s not the most eventful book, but it fills us in or more stuff about the Edison group, who experiment and genetically modify supernaturals.

It takes up deeper into the world, works on developing relationships and characters, but mostly it’s a bridge between the first and the third book.

But it’s a quick read (took me 5 hours, give or take) and very easy to get through. I liked the characters and the book is entertaining and interesting. That’s why, despite the fact that not much huge stuff happens, the book doesn’t feel dull.

The pacing was really good and I loved Chloe’s narrative. I honestly love Chloe, even though she has a few moments where she’s oblivious to something which should be obvious and I wish she would stop coddling Tori (who got on my nerves) and stand up to her. She’s one of the few smart protagonists we have in the YA genre.

Overall, this was a fun read and got me intrigued about what the conclusion of the series will be.


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