ARC Review: BoyzNite by Xane J. Fisher



Genre: Short Story, Adult Contemporary
Pages: 17
Series: No
Release Date: September 1st, 2016


2 Stars


So… first ever short story review… It was a strange because usually, for the first 15-20 pages, I’m just settling in. This one ends between 15-20 pages.

But it’s not as hard as I’d thought, reviewing this story. It’s about, as you might be able to tell from the name, a boys night. A bunch of guys get together to have fun and something happens with out protagonist, Ian, that deeply affects him.

What happens to him, the main story element and what the author wanted to tell, that was good. The execution was not.

There are many kinds of new authors. There are the ones who have spent many years practicing and planning and finally publish something. There are those who simply write something and publish it (not much finesse there) and there are the ones who aren’t practiced but still want to write something deep and profoundly meaningful, the trying-too-hard authors.

And this story is a product of the latter.

The author tried to cram so much stuff into these handful of pages. He introduced a dozen character whose names I don’t remember, and tried to give backstories and personalities to all of them. He tried to be sophisticated by using words that just didn’t fit (I-swallowed-a-dictionary kind of words), tried to make the story seem youthful, and tried to get philosophical about every. fucking. thing.

It’s like he wanted to solve the mysteries of life and the universe in seventeen pages. But what happened was a story that got lost in all the attempts to make the story good.

It’s kind of sad.

Overall, not something I would recommend reading and I would like to advise the author to take it easy. Fancy words and unnecessary philosophy don’t make a story. And instead of trying to write everything at once, take things one at a time.


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