Review: Starflight by Melissa Landers

Starflight by Melissa Landers
Genre: YA, Sci-fi
Pages: 369
Series: Starflight #1
3.75 Stars

This book follows Solara and Doran. Solara needs to go to the outer realms of the galaxy to get a job, and the only way she can do that is by serving a passenger of the spaceliner Zenith for the duration of the trip. But due to her incriminating tattoos, the only passenger she is able to find is Doran, her personal highschool bully. Things are going as okay as they can, but then problems arise and both end up on board a ship full of people running from the law, themselves included.

A pretty cool plot, if you ask me. And I’ve always been a fan of love-hate relationships because they’re a lot of fun. But still, I struggled with this one in the beginning.

I think it was because the protagonists weren’t very likable initially and I thought they were kinda shitty people. It’s hard to get into a book when you have no one to root for. But after a while I saw that they weren’t that shitty. Solara had been okay and Doran only an asshole. They also changed for the better during the book and, by the end, I really liked them.

As for the plot, it was very interesting and I liked the pace, both of the story and Solara and Doran’s relationship.

The book is set way into the future so it was cool to see the developments, but I still have quite a few questions about the future world (like how the terraformation process works).

One thing I found interesting was that the future has a procedure (painful and expensive one) to make your body odour permanently smell good. I found it interesting because I’m pretty sure that will actually happen at some point, in reality. Humanity might never find a cure for cancer, but making sweat smell like roses? That’s happening.

Onto the crew of the ship of crooks… I liked them very much. It makes me extemely happy about the next book, which is a spin-off. I just hope it’s not too much of a spin-off because we still have tons of unanswered questions with this book. The ending wasn’t very well wrapped, lots of loose ends.

My favourite thing about the book was a resolution that happened about 20% before the book’s ending. You see, I’ve always wanted to read a book in which the relationship problems get resolved before the finale so that we’re only focusing on the main plot. It doesn’t have to be a happy resolution, just decisive and firm. That happened in Starflight and I was so so happy. Thank you for that Melissa Landers.

Overall, this was a cool, fun and interesting read that kinda reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy (I love that movie!) and I recommend checking it out.


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