Review: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare



Genre: YA Fantasy (Urban)
Pages: 453
Series: The Mortal Instruments #2

Disclaimer: This review will contain spoiler for The Mortal Instruments book 1, City of Bones.




City of Ashes is the book that, before this reread, was my favourite of the series. And maybe it will remain that way or maybe it won’t. Still, while I did really like the book, it wasn’t as much as I’d hoped.

It starts off a couple of weeks after the events of City of Bones. The Clave has finally caught up to what happened and they’re trying to assert themselves in the situation and not being at all nice about it. Valentine still has the cup and now he’s back for something else.

The story was really good and the book was much better written. It’s as if Cassie, after her stumble through the city of bones, has finally found her sea legs. The execution was better, the characters had more depth and the book was, overall, an improvement on the first.

I like to call this one Jace’s book (who is awesome) because we get to know him a lot better. His relationship with his father, with the Lightwoods and just the way he is and why. We also got to know more about Alec and Isabelle, and Alec and Magnus. There were new characters introduced like the Lightwood parents and the youngest sibling, Max. We even understood Valentine a lot more.

And, this is the book in which Simon stopped being an ass. I wasn’t a big fan of his because he always seemed to be more concerned about his feeling for Clary than anything else. That changed and so did he. It was great to see (rhyme!).

The one let down was Clary. I didn’t like her. She was a bit annoying in CoB but here, much worse. Her bitch side came out to play, meaning she was horrible to everyone.  Except Simon, who she kept codling. Seriously Clary, you’re not his mother! 

She also seemed to have a rule which said that if anything went wrong, she was to blame herself. Unless she could blame Jace. Then always blame Jace. She was so inconsiderate (especially with jumping into a relationship with Simon so quick) that I wanted to yell at her like I wanted to yell at Simon before he changed. I’m hoping she’ll get better (as far as I remember, she does).

But other than her and Cassie occasionally trying just a bit too hard to be funny, things were good. I really liked the book and if you’re hesitant about this sequel, I think you should give it a shot.


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