Review: The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong



Genre: YA, Paranormal
Pages: 391
Series: Darkest Powers #3

Disclaimer: This review will contain spoilers for the previous two book in the series.


4 Stars


After a lot of running and fighting, Chloe and friends are finally away from the Edison Group and in a safe house. But that wasn’t without cost. Chloe’s aunt and Rae are both still being held captive and now the plan is to free them. If only they could get Andrew’s team of adults to believe them.

Which wasn’t happening.

I was quite infuriated on Chloe’s behalf for how everyone seemed to be treated them. But that, sadly, is how it is in the world. Adults never listen because, to them, teenagers do nothing but overreact and exaggerate. And it was nice to see how well that was shown and that Chloe was smart enough to not let that stop her.

Chloe is honestly a great character. And so are the others. Derek is smart, even more than Chloe, and honest. Simon is the guy who breaks the tension and he’s just… good. Tori is the one with the excessive amounts of attitude. I had my doubts about her at first but she grew on me.

The story was really good and so was the pace. I wasn’t disappointed with the ending but I kinda wanted more of a conclusion. Things aren’t resolved and there was definitely no happily ever after, but it was still good. As for the unresolved things, I think they will be addressed in the spin-off series. I’m glad it’s a spin-off and not a sequel because as much as I love Chloe, I don’t think I want another book with her.

You see, her powers are no longer very interesting. We’ve seen her summon ghosts, talk to them, banish then and put them back in their bodies. And when that happened in this book, it wasn’t exciting, and I wondered if we really needed another few scenes of Chloe accidentally putting a ghost back into its body and then trying to release it, telling herself to ‘focus’ or ‘concentrate’ and not pay attention to the creepy sounds. I didn’t think we did.

In fact, there’s one chapter that has no purpose other than to add some creep factor; except it’s not that creepy because something similar happened in the last two books. It was, to me, just a waste of however long it took to write the scene.

Overall though, this was a good conclusion to a good series (something that’s uncommon with trilogies) and I definitely recommend checking it out not just because of that, but also because the series stands out in sea of YA series as a different approach. It was refreshing, interesting , smart and I’m very glad I read it.


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