Review: The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider



Genre: YA, Contemporary
Pages: 335
Series: No



This book is about Ezra, who believes that every person gets a tragedy after which his or her life truly starts. Ezra gets his tragedy, meets a girl and then things start to get bad again and he wonders if maybe there isn’t just one tragedy in everyone’s life.

Now I’m not sure if the synopsis I wrote sounds interesting, but the one on the GR page did. And yet I didn’t finish the book. Because GR lied!

I mean, I could have finished it if I really wanted to, I even got over 100 pages in, but I simply didn’t want to. And there are quite a few reasons for that which I will be listing below:

  • I didn’t like the narrative: Not only was it boring, it was also trying too hard to be philosophical. Each scene started off with some story about some place that no one cared about, or some theory about something that had no relevance to the story. It was, as I read in a different review, the author trying to be John Green.
  • The Male Protagonist: He’s boring and doesn’t have much of a personality and doesn’t say or do anything interesting. Everything’s very dull.
  • The other characters don’t have a personality at all. They’re all there to say stuff or do stuff.
  • It’s sexist: Every single girl in the book is always either giggling, pouting or pretending to be mad. And they’re all shown to be extremely shallow. Other than, of course, out female protagonist.
  • The Female Protagonist: A desperate attempt to create an interesting character, which failed. She has characteristics that are supposed to make her intriguing but they don’t mesh to form one person but it’s all just random info about her that doesn’t add up to anything.
  • The Book is Clumsy: If this were a movie, I would say it was poorly edited. Scenes start and end abruptly, dialogues are stilted and out-of-place and it’s a bunch of scenes put together that don’t fit. There’s no rhythm to the whole thing.

On the whole, this was the author’s attempt to make a deep philosophical book which would solve the mysteries of life or some other shit, but ended up as a clumsy compilations of scenes about underdeveloped characters that weren’t even funny.

It almost put me to sleep multiple times and I don’t recommend it.


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