Review: Happy Again by Jennifer E. Smith



Genre: YA, Contemporary
Pages: 84
Series: This is What Happy Looks Like #1.5

Disclaimer: Spoilers for This is What Happy Looks Like.


2 Stars


I’m gonna try to keep this short.

At the end of the first book, Ellie and Graham went back to their lives with a promise to keep in contact. But slowly, they drifted apart and now, after a year, they meet again. And we’ll see whether this rekindles their relationship.

Now if you’re read my review of the first book, you must know that my major issue with it was that Ellie wasn’t an active participant in the relationship. She never took incentive, took the first step, or even started a conversation. It was always Graham who had to keep things going.

In this novella, I was hoping that would change. That was the sole purpose of the novella for me. But nothing changed with her. There was this thing near the end, which I don’t think counted. And Graham and Ellie are right where they were at the end of the first book. Which proves this book to be absolutely pointless.

The only positives are that there was nothing wrong with the writing and that Graham was still adorable. But I came out feeling that he deserves much better. That shouldn’t have happened.

This was a short read so you can read it if you want. But it doesn’t contribute to the story so there’s not much point behind reading it.


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