Review: The Tycoon’s Revenge by Melody Anne



Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Pages: 283
Series: Baby for the Billionaire #1


1 Star


This book was predictably bad…

And you know, it’s when I say shit like this, “predictably bad”, that people start to think there’s something wrong with my head. Why would I read a book that I know is going to be bad?

So in my defence, I would like to say that I didn’t think it was going to be this bad; more like a 3-star deal. Also, it was for a reading challenge, took me just over 3 hours, and was free on Amazon. Which means that, even though it was bad, it was only a minor inconvenience.

And I know I’m being harsh, but when you write stuff like this, what do you expect? The book is about a rich girl who falls for a poor boy. But then a misunderstanding happens and they get separated. Ten years later, poor boy is a billionaire and rich girl is no longer rich and has a nine year old son. Oh and, they’re both still hot for each other.

But they’re also pissed off because they both think the other betrayed them. Which can be easily fixed with a mature and civil conversation. But does that happen? Hell no.

The little misunderstanding is stretched to death, rebirth and then death again for some stupid ass reason and that’s why this book gets 1 star. Sure, the writing wasn’t good, the dialogue was shit that no one ever says (because people don’t talk like that!), it was cliché, badly structured, had a bad story and severely underdeveloped characters; but there were still some smile-worthy moments in-between that made me think I could give it 2 stars.

And I gave many chances for the misunderstanding to be resolved, more than I should have. But the author just kept stretching it, and in a stupid way too, until I gave up and decided that enough was enough.

I don’t regret reading this because it reminded me what real bad books are like. But I also don’t recommend it. It may be free in terms of money but it will cost time and brain cells you will never get back.


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