Review: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson


Genre: High Fantasy/Epic Fantasy
Pages: 763
Series: Mistborn #2

Disclaimer: This review will contain spoilers for The Final Empire, first book of the Mistborn series. 




Sometimes (more like a twice a month) I have a really hard reviewing a novel. I can’t figure out what to say.

I mean, the first book in this series was… amazing. I was fascinated by the world and I loved the characters. The story was engaging and the ending kinda destroyed me. I legit sobbed when Kell died. Hell, for the first couple hundred pages of this book, I was tearing up every time he was mentioned. It was hard but I eventually got over it to focus on the current events.

Which were not happy.

In the novel, it’s been a year since Vin killed the Lord Ruler and Luthadel is in a precarious position, meaning it has an army outside the gates, a very big army, ready to invade. And it just gets worse from there. Elend and the crew have to figure out a way to save Luthadel and Vin won’t stop being annoying.

Okay, lets talk Vin. She’s the reason for the minus-half-star. It would’ve been 4 stars but the ending was… shocking, and made up for a lot of things. Things like the excessive amounts of teenage angst and moments of stupidity on Vin’s part. I spent the majority of the book unhappy with her and wishing that the author wouldn’t focus so much on her an Elend’s relationship, which I didn’t really care about in the first place. It made the book drag a little but things got back on track eventually.

Other than that, things were good. I was happy to have the crew back, even if I still do miss Kell a lot. There were new characters introduced, one of whom I loved very much (Tindwyl). The writing and the world was great, as expected. I loved the book as a whole.

The ending was awesome and set up the last book of this particular trilogy very well, while also giving up no hint as to what we can expect. I’m excited to read it.


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