Review: White Cat by Holly Black


Genre: YA, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 310
Series: Curse Workers #1




Okay, what gives? How is this series not more popular? Everyone is going on and on about SJM and all the other shiny new authors, while this masterpiece is being neglected. Why?

This is a very original YA fantasy with such a dark and mysterious tone to it that I couldn’t put it down. It follows out main character, Cassel Sharpe, who is from a family of curse workers–people who have the power to change emotions, memories and even break bones, with the touch of a hand. He’s the only one in the family who doesn’t have magic; but he’s a very good con. He’s successfully created a normal life for himself outside of his crazy family, until he suddenly started sleep walking and dreaming of a white cat. Now he has to figure out how to get his life back on track while also trying to find out what game his brothers are playing and what part he is, unknowingly, playing in that game.

Cassel is a very good protagonist. His narrative is funny, he’s sassy, a good liar and very smart. He keeps the reader interesting. He’s also a character that you care about. He was so strong while dealing with everything that was happening to him throughout the novel, while my heart was breaking for him. Holly Black did a great job with him and with all the other characters.

The story was suspenseful and intriguing with a fast pace to boot. I loved the tone of the novel and it was very well written. All aspects were great, but I’m saving my favourite for last.

The world building. I loved it and it was done perfectly.

You see, while the book is set in out world and in current time, curse working has been there for as long as anyone can remember. It’s incorporated into everything: history, politics, law, urban legends and even pop culture. It is done in such a brilliant way that it never seems like this world ever existed without curse work. Magic just fits seamlessly into society, and that’s done with the help of little things worked into normal life. Like this part:

I turn on the radio and we sit there listening to it as his stomach gurgles. Another song about being worked by love. Like it’s romantic to be brainwashed.

I loved that! It had me grinning really wide.

Overall, this book was amazing. I do have one complaint but it’s nothing big so I don’t wanna mention it. I want this review to be all positive when I say that I adored everything about this novel and I highly recommend it. Seriously, go read it. Now.


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