Review: Where She Went by Gayle Forman


Genre: Young-Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 264
Series: If I Stay #2

Disclaimer: This review will contain spoiler for If I Stay and about whether this book has a ‘Happily Ever After'(couldn’t figure out how to write the review otherwise). No other spoiler though.


2 Stars


Lets get the synopsis out-of-the-way first: In If I Stay, Mia decided to stay after Adam begged her to. But soon after, she dumped him without a word. It’s been three years since that and Adam is super famous but in a bad place. And then he and Mia meet and things start to happen and stuff…

Sorry if that description sucked. I’m just not very happy with the book because I’m one of the few people who didn’t like the ending.

And it’s not that I didn’t want Mia and Adam to end up together, I did. And while I was very pissed about what Mia did (I though she was a complete asshole), I understood her reasons and even why Adam decided to forgive her. I just hated how quickly he got over everything.

Mia wasn’t the only one affected by that accident but she was affected the most. But still, the way she just dropped Adam as if he didn’t mean anything and then waltzed back into his life like nothing even happened… And then Adam just took her back like, ‘So what if she broke my heart in the worst way and pretended for years that I didn’t even exist; we had a couple of conversations about it in a span of a few hours and I’m suddenly okay with everything‘.

It makes sense for Adam to forgive her. But you don’t get over three years of feeling like he did in less than a day. It takes time. That’s why it was so wrong. I wanted him to take time, and I wanted Mia to do… more. We never saw her make up for how much she hurt him.

That’s my problem with the book. Well, that and the fact that a third of the book is told in flashbacks. I loathe those. Everyone has something they don’t like reading. Books told in backstory form or those that even have flashback… that’s the thing I don’t like. Never did (with only one exception so far). But this is more of a personal preference than a critique.

Overall, this book very much bothered me, but it was a well written book. Gayle Forman is a good author and I will be reading other books by her. I hope we don’t have such a difference in opinion with them.


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