Review: United by Melissa Landers


Genre: Young-Adult, Science-Fiction
Pages: 317
Series: Alienated #3

Disclaimer: Review will contain spoilers for book 1 and 2 of the series.


3.5 Stars


Synopsis: Cara and Aelyx have finally managed to unite their two planets with an alliance and they’re off to live in the human-L’eihr colony on L’eihr. But the rogue aliens, Jaxen and Aisly, are still free and now the Aribol are coming out to play. Things are about to go bad again.

Synopsis over.

There’s something off about this book. I mean, up until this one, I loved the series. And I still like many things about it. I love Cara and Aelyx’s relationship and I love Aelyx (Cara I’m iffy about after United). I like the whole peaceful alien invasion things that the author has written. I care about all the character. The pace of the book is good, it’s a well-written novel and I like the story. But there’s something about the novel that’s bothering me and I can’t seem to put my finger on what that is.

I have a few ideas, but nothing specific:

  1. I was never okay with Cara as a member of The Way. I mean, a species of very smart people decided to make an alien teenage girl one of the ten most powerful people on their planet? I just don’t buy. And I don’t approve.
  2. This book included a bit of Cara-glorifying. Meaning, everyone else was made a little incompetent (occasionally) so that Cara could look awesome by comparison. I know she’s a smart girl, but she doesn’t have to be the only smart girl, or person.
  3. The plot of the book is very serious. Two planet-loads of people are about to die. But it doesn’t show. Things are pretty clean, there no grit or sense of imminent danger. And they’re a bit too easy.

That aside, I still thing it was a good book. I liked how the characters were very mature about things and even when things were cheesy, they were also cute. I liked the ending as well. Doesn’t stop the book from bugging me though. The reason could be a combination of the ones I listed above. Or something completely different.

When, or if, I figure it out, I’ll let you know.


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