Review: Lady Renegades by Rachel Hawkins


Genre: Young-Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 264
Series: Rebel Belle #3

Disclaimer: Review will contain spoilers for book 1 and 2 of the series.


2.50 Stars


Lady Renegades is the third and final book of the Rebel Belle series. The series follows Harper, who gets turned into a Paladin, someone bound by duty to protect the Oracle. The Oracle is David, the guy Harper hated but who later became her boyfriend. Now, David’s run off so Harper can have a normal life. Except things take a turn for the worse when David starts creating more Paladin’s and sending them to kill Harper. Now she has to figure out what’s wrong and solve the problem.

Such a cool plot, isn’t it? That’s the problem with this entire series. Cool plot, bad books. And even worse protagonist.

I’ve never liked Harper. In the second book, I hated her. And that’s because she’s a shitty person. She’s the person who, were someone to give her superpowers and a super-suit, would complain that it clashed with her handbag. Or the one who would refuse to save a person life because she can’t take time off the prom-organising committee. And she’s the person who, if she accidentally hit someone with her car, would drive off (and only maybe call an ambulance) because a criminal record would not look good on college applications.

I could go on, but you see my problem, right? It’s hard to root for someone like that. And her rare moments of decency don’t make sense because we’re never given an explanation as to how she suddenly, and temporarily, developed something like compassion? Or a conscience? She sometimes does good stuff because… the plot demands it, I guess? There was a little bit of development with her which lead nowhere.

Anyway, I’m ranting, so I’m gonna stop. The bottom line is that this series is in dire need of a good person as a protagonist. But since that isn’t happening, we’ll move on to the positives. Let’s see…

This was a very short read. Took me like, four hours. And it wasn’t badly written either. I simply didn’t care about anyone other than David, who was barely even in the book. The character of Blythe was kinda interesting and the ending was okay, though not enough to redeem the series.

There were parts that were funny, albeit few and far between. It wasn’t a terrible book and I might even have liked it if it weren’t for Harper, because most problems are in some way related to her.Either it’s because of her being a sucky human beings or it’s because she’s a sucky human being who is also very prissy, and vain, and annoying, and selfish, and a control-freak, and inconsiderate, and-

*deep breath* I’m gonna stop now.

Overall, I’m glad to be done this whole shindig and I hope that Rachel Hawkin’s next book is more like Hex Hall than Rebel Belle.


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