Review: Immortals After Dark (Book #1 and #2) by Kresley Cole

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Now, Imma be reviewing the first at least ten books of Immortals After Dark Series. I read a few of them before and then binge read a few recently during a reading slump (I have different types of reading slumps. There are ones in which I can only reread books, ones in which I only read romances and then ones when I only reread romances. Those are the worst; not counting the TV show binges).

Anyway, this was a romance reading one and I’ve finished the first 10 books in the series. I’m going to review them in sets of two (I planned all 10 at once but the reviews aren’t that short). So, let’s get going!

Oh and, almost forgot, all the novels in the series are standalones but I recommend reading them in order since they make more sense that way …And, the review might come of as crude at times. If you don’t like that, then I seriously don’t think you should read the series.


#1. The Warlord Wants Forever

Male: Nikolai Wroth (Vampire)
Female: Myst the Coveted (Valkyrie)
Plot: She leaves him with a hard-on for five years (it’s a supernatural thing, and painful). Then he finds her and wants revenge. And sex.
3.25 Stars


As a series starter (for such a huge series), this book is pretty good. It introduces a new world full of different supernatural species, complete with discrimination and rivalries between species.

The protagonists, in the beginning, were not my favourite and the relationship we saw was pretty unhealthy. It was made worse by the fact that the characters were hundreds (Nikolai) and thousands (Myst) of years old, which made them hard to relate to. But they grew on me. They redeemed themselves and by the end, I was confident that the unhealthy relationship days were done with.

Overall, this was an okay book that was a bit info-dumpy and had a lot of characters (I only remembered a few of their names when I’d only read this book). But it had an interesting story and world and it ended well. Hence why I read ten of the books.


Image result for immortals dark covers#2. A Hunger Like No Other

Male: Lachlain MacRieve (Lykae, meaning werewolf)
Female: Emmaline Troy (half Vampire, half Valkyrie)
Plot: He finally escapes 150 of torture and comes across his (soul) mate. So he kidnaps her (smart, I know).


This is one of my least favourite books in the series. I get that Lachlain was tortured for over a century and that he’s a little out of practice with civilized behaviour. But he scared poor Emma, who isn’t even a 100 yet (though he didn’t know she was that young), out of her ever-loving mind. It made me uncomfortable. I mean seriously dude, stop trying to sleep with her!

And that’s not all. The story wasn’t all that great for me either. Lachlain’s need for revenge and Emma looking for her father, it was all not done that well. I wasn’t really into the story.

Still, it wasn’t all bad. We got introduced to new parts of the world and Lachlain realized that kidnapping wasn’t the way to go. Emma grew into herself, started to trust herself and her decisions. Their relationship worked out in the end as well. That’s one of the best parts of the series; no matter what happens, no relationship ends up toxic or unhealthy.


And that’s it for these two reviews. I’ll most likely post the next two tomorrow


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