Review: Immortals After Dark (Book #3 & #4) by Kresley Cole

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Here are the reviws for the third and fourth book of the series. For those who don’t know, this is an Adult, Paranormal Romance series and all the books are standalones. But it’s better to read them in order.

Review for book #1 and #2.

#3. No Rest For the Wicked

Male: Sebastian Wroth (Vampire)
Female: Kaderin the Cold Hearted (Valkyrie)
Plot: He hated himself for being a vamp until he met her. But she hates Vamps so to win her over, he helps her win a hunt/competition.
Rating4 Stars


I like this book. For many reasons.

The biggest reason is that this book features one of the few decent guys in the series. I mean, nothing against the others, but they’re all very kidnapping-prone or “alpha male”. Which often turns them into douchebags, if only for short periods of time. Sebastian is not like that. He is sympathetic and very good of heart. But that doesn’t stop him from having a backbone. He’s strong and smart and sensible. I like that in my protagonists.

Other than him, I like this book because of the plot of the competition. I liked the high stakes, scavenger hunt thing they author’s got going.

Kaderin is pretty good as well. There were times when I wished she was less bitchy; but she had to live up to her ‘cold hearted’ status so I forgive her. And I understand the reasons for why she behaved the way she did. I liked her motivation for winning her competition and her fierceness. Her and Sebastian’s relationship was great, too.

Overall, this is a pretty strong installment in the series. One of the best, even.



#4. Wicked Deeds on a Winter Night

Male: Bowen MacRieve (Lykae)
Female: Mariketa the Awaited (Witch)
Plot: His real mate had died and he thinks she’s put a love hex on him of sorts. She doesn’t like him. But they have to work together and they’re both horny for each other.
Rating3.25 Stars


Before you read this book, I really suggest reading the third one, No Rest for the Wicked. It’s better to read the entire series in order, but that one is especially helpful for this installment. And since it’s really good, reading it won’t be much of a chore anyway.

Onto the book at hand. Can’t think of what to say. I didn’t like the book as much as others did so this is a case of unpopular opinions (or quirky opinion). But it was still an okay read.

Mari and Bowen meet during a competition. Bowen wants to win because the prize is a time travelling key. He wants to go back in time to bring his mate back to life. He’s pretty brutal in the game because of that, so their first meeting is less than amiable. They both hurt each other and therefore, don’t get along.

Bowen, of course, loses (read Book 3) and then he and Mari (along with some other people he screwed over) have to embark on a journey of sorts. During the journey, Bowen wants to sleep with Mari and Mari’s still pissed at him and… *sigh* I feel like I’m just telling you the plot of the novel instead of reviewing the damn thing.

Just… it was an okay novel. Nothing special for me. I did end up rooting for the protagonists and it has a good story. But I had a hard time buying into another plotline regarding Mari and an evil goddess. It simply didn’t work for me.

Don’t know what else to say. Read it if it sounds interesting to you.


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