Review: Immortals After Dark (Book #5 & #6) by Kresley Cole

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A few days ago, I started reviews the Immortals After Dark series since I’d read the first ten books. I was planning to review all 10 (two at a time) for five consecutive days but I hit a bit of a reviewing-bump (it happens). But now I’m back (I hope) and I’ll be reviewing the rest according to plan.

This is an adult, paranormal romance series with explicit content and all the books are standalones. The reviews are completely spoiler free. But I suggest reading them in order because they’re better that way.

Onto book 5 and 6…



#5. Dark Needs at Night’s Edge

Male: Conrad Wroth (Vampire; people killing kind)
Female: Néomi Laress (Ghost)
Plot: His brothers try to make him a good vamp, taking him to a secluded old mansion. There he meets her. Problem is, only he can see her and he can’t touch her. And he’s kinda insane.
Rating3.5 Stars


I’m really glad that Kresley Cole decided to tell this story. In the previous novels, we’ve heard a lot about Hoarde vampire, which are basically those vampires who drink from people and kill them. Now, we got to see one up close.

And this was a redemption story as well. I like that the author tried to tell the story of someone getting better and fighting his demons. Though I wish she’d put some more focus on the lives he’s taken. Still, it was nice to hear the story of Conrad: his vampire struggle, romance and, most importantly, his relationship with his brothers.

I liked Néomi as well. She was unlike all the other female characters we’d read so far (unaware of the Lore), and she was a ghost. Her relationship with Conrad, how it started and built, her past, and her quirks, all were interesting to read. Her and Conrad’s story was good.

Where I had a problem is how a later conflict was resolved. I can’t say much because it would be a huge spoiler, but I felt that it was resolved in a very convenient way. As if the author was simply making new rules as she went on with the series, rules that fit her story, instead of making the story fit the rules. That bugged me.

Overall, this was good book, but not as good as No Rest for the Wicked.


25694233#6. Dark Desires After Dusk

Male: Cadeon Woede (Rage Demon)
Female: Holly Ashwin (Half Valkyrie)
Plot: He finds her, his soul mate. But might have to betray her to help his brother. She was human and is freaked at finding out she’s not anymore.
Rating: 3.75 Stars


I speed-read this one. Meaning I didn’t read it with my usual level of attention. That’s why I’m wary of saying much. I’ll give a short review and when I reread it, I’ll write a proper one.

In brief: This was a really good book. I liked both the protagonists and I loved that Holly was obsessive-compulsive. It gave the book a very relatable aspect with its normalcy. I also really liked the plot and how it focused on Cadeon and his brother’s rocky past. Don’t know why, but I love it when sibling relationships are a focus. Definitely recommend checking it out.

I’m looking forward to reading the book again as soon as I’m not so far behind my reading schedule and when I don’t have exams.


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