Review: Immortals After Dark (Book #7 & #9) by Kresley Cole

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So… I switched things up a little. You see, the review for the tenth book Demon from the Dark, is already up and the ninth book, Pleasure of a Dark Prince, was a DNF so I decided to review that and book 7 here and I’ll review book 8 separately, tomorrow.

Now, if that made sense, onto the review…


25694252#7. Kiss of a Demon King

Male: Rhydstrom Woede (Rage Demon)
Female: Sabine, Sorceress of Illusions
Plot: She captures (ie kidnaps) him and tries to seduce him into doing what she wants. He’s unhappy about this developement.
Rating: 3.5 Stars


This book gets the award for having the most messed up relationship so far seen in the series. Sabine has the guy tied up against his will and sexually tortures him for days. It’s all very disturbing. Thankfully, the author realizes that it’s wrong and presents it that way.

She also tries to bring free will and equality back into the relationship. And that honestly works for the most part. Where it doesn’t work is when Sabine refuses to feel any remorse for her actions and is kinda heartless. She’s actually pissed at Rhydstron for a large part of the novel and that made me not like her much. I like my characters to have a conscience.

Another little issue with the book is Sabine’s lack of investment in the relationship. She doesn’t try much for it. And it annoys me a lot when that happens. I prefer for both the characters to care equally. Things are unbalanced otherwise.

Still, I appreciated Kresley Cole’s effort to balance the scales, I thought the story was good and I really liked Rhydstrom and his relationship with Durinda, a character introduced later in the book. I would have liked it more, if only Sabine didn’t bother me so much.


26044682#9. Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Male: Garreth MacRieve
Female: Lucia the Huntress (Valkyrie)
Plot: He wants her but she’s resisting for some unknown reason. He follows her around and she treats him like shit.
Rating: DNF! (kind of…)


Now, from the tone of the plot I’ve written, you must already have a hunch about the fact that I’m not all that happy about this book. And the ‘DNF!’ gives it away as well, I’m sure.

As for the ‘kind of…’, that’s because I do know what happens in the book because after I decided that I only had so much patience, I skipped ahead to the less infuriating part and skimmed through the rest of the book. And it’s not bad, that part. But the fact remains that I did not have the patience to continue reading.

That was because of a certain female protagonist and her ability to be a total bitch without telling the poor guy why she was being a total bitch. You see, in order for Lucia to keep her archery skills, which she needs to kill an evil god, she has to remain celibate. That’s why she can’t be with Garreth. But does she tell him any of that? NO! She just keeps sending mixed signals while hiding something she has no fucking reason to hide! It’s so fucking dumb!

I swear to god, I wanted to throttle her. UGH!

Anyway, that’s why I didn’t finish the book and that’s why I don’t recommend it. Sure, things get better, but everything prior stills remains stupid. Read at your own risk.


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