Review: The Mistake by Elle Kennedy


Genre: New-Adult, Romance
Pages: 296
Series: Off-Campus #2 (Can be read as a standalone)
Release Date: May 6, 2016


2 Stars


Man! I hate it when this happens! You read a book and you love it, then you read the sequel and get crushed by disappointment. Thankfully, at least all these books are standalones.

This one follows Logan, who we met in the last book as one of Garrett’s friends. He has a crush on Garrett’s girlfriend and as hard as he tries, he can’t seem to get her out of his head. That is, until he meets Grace, a shy freshmen girl. They both like each other but then Logan messes up and has to make up for it. And Grace wants to make him work for it this time.

But you can put the “messes up” and “work for it” out of your head, because that takes for-fucking-ever to happen. And it was brutal because we already knew that they would have a meet-cute, Logan will do something wrong and then she’ll leave for the summer and the real story will start afterwards. Except the meet-cure lasts for almost a 100 fucking pages. So you’re basically just waiting for shit to start happening and it’s not even entertaining because you honestly can’t bring yourself to care about the couple.

Well, couldn’t bring myself to care about the couple (for the entire novel). I’m sure a lot of other people, who liked the book, did.

As for the reason I didn’t care. There are a few.

One, I didn’t like Grace. In the beginning she was cute. But then the big (except not really “big”) mistake happens and she runs away to freaking Paris! And if that’s not enough, the guy spends 3 months texting and calling to apologise and she doesn’t even bother to respond. I get being mad, but how cowardly could you be to not even agree to a fucking conversation for three months? That was the point that I started to dislike her.

Then the makeover shit happens and Logan has to convince her to give him a chance because she’s suddenly all confidence, and while I like the sequence of him winning her over, I couldn’t get behind it because to me, she simply wasn’t worth it. Then another time, Logan is having a bad day and gets insecure that if he has many days like that, Grace will leave/dump him. And she gets mad at him for thinking that and… waiting for it… leaves him. You see the irony of that, right? That’s like killing someone for being worried that you might kill them. So fucking stupid.

But Grace rant aside, I didn’t understand why Logan and Grace were together. Their meet-cute was ridiculous and their feeling seemed fabricated. I still can’t figure out what Logan sees in her. And it’s not because I don’t like Grace (I really don’t, though), it’s just… there was no chemistry between them. They’re only together because the author said so. At elasr with Logan, you could say he was a really cute and nice guy, but Grace… nothing.

And there’s a reason for that too. Grace doesn’t have a personality. We know some vague facts about her but not nearly enough to create a person.

She’s a very shy girl. But we’re simply told that, no shown. She like action movies. Why? No idea. She babbles when she’s nervous. But what makes her nervous? Not sure. She spouts out a lot of random facts. How does she know that stuff? Somehow… Her parents are amiably divorced. How does that affect her personality? Uh…..


I don’t understand how the author who wrote The Deal also wrote this. But anyway, we should get to some positives because we’ve only had a lot of negatives so far.

The best part was Logan. He was a good guy and he was cute (as a person). His arc with his father, his brother, hockey and his friends (mainly Garrett) was actually investing. I cared about him and his storyline, and I felt really bad that his girlfriend didn’t have a personality. His story could’ve been fine even without the romance. That way we could’ve spend more time with the side characters, who were definite high points.

Overall, a disappointing sequel that I recommend skipping because the third one is much better.


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