Review: The Score by Elle Kennedy


Genre: New-Adult, Romance
Pages: 361
Series: Off-Campus #3 (Can be read as a standalone)
Release Date: January 11, 2016


4 Stars


I read this book about a week ago and kept putting off writing the review for some reason. I almost wrote a simple one-paragraph one but then decided to stop being lazy. But because it’s been over a week and I don’t take notes while reading, I’ve kind of blanked on what I’d wanted to write in my review. So this will be me trying to recall what I wanted to write, and winging it.

The book follows Dean, the third of the group of friends (Garrett, Logan, Dean and Tucker) we’ve been reading about. He’s a guy who’s had a pretty easy life with his rich family and his good looks. He sleeps around a lot and feels no shame for it (not that he should). When Allie (a character introduced in The Deal) breaks up with her long-term boyfriend, Garrett offers her a place for the weekend so she can hide from her ex. That’s where Dean and Allie’s story begins.

And it’s a really good story. Allie has always been in a relationship and is someone who doesn’t do one-night stands. She cares about how people may see her and isn’t comfortable with no-strings arrangements. Dean is the exact opposite. He’s care-free and doesn’t give two shits that other people may judge him. And it’s very nice to see these two personalities collide.

Allie has a certain view of things and Dean challenges that. Their interactions are full of sass and witty retorts, very entertaining, and I liked them as a couple even though I never imagined these two coming together beforehand.

A thing that I really liked was how the novel addressed the issue of slut-shaming. Because Allie thought less of herself and thought that she’d be a slut for sleeping with someone she wasn’t dating, a view that was due to how people label sexually active women. It was nice to see her self-confidence in grow.

The main problem I had with the book (as far as I remember) is that it was predictable. Something happens later on in the novel that leads to the major conflict, and I kind of knew what the conflict would be and had a general idea as to how it would come to pass. And the incident that happens is one that should have been more important but ended up feeling like a plot device. I wasn’t comfortable with the author using the incident that way.

Overall, while I didn’t love this book as much as The Deal, it was a really good read and I enjoyed it a lot. I won’t be reading the fourth book because it has an aspect that I know I won’t like, but I’m happy to end the series (if there’s no fifth book) on a positive note.


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