Review: Puddle Jumping by Amber L. Johnson


Genre: Young-Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 127
Series: No
Release Date: June 29, 2014




Puddle Jumping starts off with Lilly narrating her and Colton’s story. She first met him when she was nine and he was ten. They became friends. But due to Lilly’s accident-prone nature, with her trying to slide down a flight of stairs on a mattress, they’re soon separated. They meet again only once, when she finds out he’s “special”. Until he joins her highschool. That’s when they truly get to know each other and… fall in love and stuff.

Gosh! Sometimes I really suck at this summary thing. In my defense, I wanted to give you as less info as possible so you could find most things out for yourself. That was hard to do.

Anyway… I really liked this novel. It was short, funny, sweet, serious, a bit painful and overall, quite satisfying. I loved that it was narrated from Lilly’s perspective because Lilly is a hilarious narrator and a very likable character as well. She was caring, smart, determined, wiser than you’d expect her to be, and a great protagonist. I loved her. Yes, she had her flaws, but they were the kind that made her human, not unlikable.

The relationship between Lilly and Colton was… unique. I don’t want to say much about it and it took some time to understand it because it wasn’t the kind you read about often. It was bumpy and had problems, but it was theirs and it was right. Though I had my doubts about them and how I wanted their story to end, I feel it ended well.

Now I’m not sure if it’s noticeable but this review is a bit clumsy. The reason behind that is that there was something amiss with this book (if there weren’t, I would be gushing about it). The clumsiness comes in to play because I don’t know what that thing is. Maybe it’s just a general underwhelmed feeling or maybe it’s something else. If I has to guess, it’s that the author didn’t take enough time to focus on Lilly. The story was always so much about Colton and not enough about Lilly.

I guess it was a conscious decision because we’re told early on, by Lilly, that she cared too much about Colton. And since the story’s from her perspective, it makes sense that it would be more about him. But I still wanted her to take some ‘me time’.

Now that I think about it, that’s the “something amiss” that I couldn’t figure out (writing things down always helps me organize my thoughts). Not enough time spent on Lilly’s character and some aspects of her personality given very little explanation. Because other than that, everything worked really well. I liked the characters, the story, the writing and the pace, and I was very happy with the ending.

This is a really good novella and I recommend checking it out.


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