The Selection by Kiera Cass


Earlier this evening, I was going through the various folders on my computer, doing a bit of clean up, and I came across a txt file about when I started reading The Selection. It was from over a year and half ago and I didn’t even remember that I’d taken notes. I only made it five chapters before I stopped reading.

But despite not finishing the book, I wanted to share my thoughts. This is not a review. Only a post about my opinions at the time that I read the novel. Here goes:

How to make The Selection:
Take a bowl, add The Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice, bad characters, unexplained world and stupid names. Put it in a blender and make sure it is lumpy. Then cook it in a pan until it is thoroughly burnt. Garnish with pretty cover and serve.

Problems I have with The Selection:

1. The whole Ones, Twos, Fives thing:

If you want to introduce a caste system or any kind of social divide, the least you could do is think of names for all the categories. Like in Divergent. The Hunger Games had names of places and we have names like that so it was fine. But this? This is just lazy. Or Cass doesn’t care about creating a world and is winging in the worst possible way.

2. Okay, how are they poor? They have food, a good house with a fridge and other appliances, she has her own room and everything. She said that she was wearing her “cutest pajamas”. So that means she has to have at least 3 pairs. She has three pairs of pajamas so, obviously, they have no issues with clothing. Is there anything to indicate that they’re poor?

Just saying the words doesn’t make them true. It’s like writing “I’m very smart” and forgetting the apostrophe.

3. Something I don’t get. If you’re really poor, why do you have seven kids? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a family, but shouldn’t you be careful? If I was so poor that I barely had enough to eat, I wouldn’t want seven kids. I mean, why condemn someone to a life just above starvation. Also, is birth control not a thing in the future.

4. She couldn’t argue when Aspen spoke in her ear. Not when he rubbed her arms. And when he kissed her, she forgot everything. So, when can she argue or do something he might not like?

5. A death sentence for stealing fruit? Are you kidding me?! And, why is this book becoming more and more like The Hunger Games? Mixed with Pride and Prejudice? Wierd combination, don’t you think?

6. Penny? What’s the currency of the place? Where is the place?

7. “The gritty sound of his voice pushed out every other thought.” Doesn’t gritty usually go with a frustrated emotion? And if he’s frustrated or angry, shouldn’t she be worried or something?

8. Strange names: Kamber, America, Tuesday

9. World building: The twos, ones, sevens.
What about college?
Why homeschooled?
How and why are they poor?!

10. America is Rude. She is judging Maxon even though she’s never met him and she called him a wimp just for sitting stiffly. Not only does that not make sense, it’s also not the nicest thing to say. To much prejudice.

11. You could go to prison for having sex before marriage? Why?!

12. Aspen is a ungreatful, sexist asshole who dumped her just because she was being nice. It’s like he has no respect for her or what she wants. It’s all me, me, ME. Also, their “romance” is so badly written. It’s not sweet, it’s weird and I don’t buy it for a second.

End of chapter 5


Those were the contents of the file. Makes sense why I never read further. Not sure if I should add anything to conclude the post. This was just to share something I found exactly as I found it (seriously, the only thing I did was some formatting and removing typos). So yeah… The end.


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