Review: No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista


Genre: Young-Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 256
Series: Dodge Cove #1 (Can be read as Standalone)
Release Date: April 19, 2016

2 Stars


No Love Allowed is another story about a rich playboy who falls for the poor “ordinary” girl. In this case, the rich playboy, Caleb, has gotten into a bit of trouble with his father and needs a fake girlfriend. The poor “ordinary” girl, Didi, agrees to help him because she’s bored.

The problem is that the playboy isn’t really a playboy, and the poor girl’s ‘poor’ status is often questionable. Sure, the author tells us stuff that insinuates these things, but there are many moments when you just don’t buy it.

For example, Caleb is supposed to have dated every girl in town who’s his age and belongs to an “important” family. Except I never even saw the guy flirt properly. And he says that he only breaks up with a girl after she, quote, unquote, falls in love with him. Let’s assume that love takes only a month. That still raises the question about how the hell Caleb managed to date so many girls. I mean, he’s only 18 and he was in a no-strings arrangement with the same girl for his entire senior year of highschool. Did he start dating at 10?

We have a similar problem with Didi. She’s very poor. Like, can’t-even-afford-a-decent-shampoo poor. But she’s a painter and needs canvas, paints, brushes, etc. Which can only mean that while she does most of her shopping at the dollar store, she spends at least a hundred bucks on art supplies every month. Where is the consistency?!

If you’re going to use a common trope then at least do it well. Don’t half-ass the shit.

This book had the potential to be a cute and enjoyable read. Evangelisata isn’t a bad writer and the story could have worked; but there just didn’t seem to be enough effort put into it. The beginning had one of the most forced meet-cutes ever. And things didn’t get much better with the many eye-roll-inducing scenes, the inconsistencies and the authors blatant attempts at making Didi special.

Seriously, it was so ridiculously obvious that Didi was acting weird because the author wanted her to be “not like other girls” (because we haven’t read that before). Her character was over-the-top and I swear Caleb was only a supposed player so that Didi could be the “special” girl who “tamed” him.

But in the end, I wasn’t particularly annoyed. This was a readable book that had some cute moments, and the occasional funny moment. I’m kinda interested in two of the side-characters so I’ll maybe read their book. I liked the addition of Didi’s medication. I’m not even gonna start on the forced events of the ending. And my feelings are, overall, ‘meh’ with a hint of ‘you can do better’.

I don’t recommend the book. And I’m sorry about the overuse of quotation marks.


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