Review: Yours by Jasinda Wilder


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult
Pages: 432
Series: None
Release Date: June 20, 2016

4 Stars


I’m a teeny-tiny bit conflicted about this one. You see, I like Jasinda Wilder. I know she can write really great stuff. I also like the premise of the book and the book itself. There’s just one aspect that bugs me and since that is a very important aspect, I’m not sure how to feel.

The book is about a man, Lachlan, who is bound to die of heart failure by the age of thirty-one. And he does die. But then, they miraculously find him a donor and he gets a second chance at life that he never expected to get. And he doesn’t know what to do with it. On the other hand, the man, Ollie, whose heart he recieved, was the husband of Niall. And when Lachlan sets out to find the people in Ollie’s life to know more about him, he meets her and… romance!

Except, the romance is the part that bugged me. I liked the beginning of the novel. We got to know both of the protagonists and even Ollie. It was a really nice set up for the future conflicts of the novel and provided validation for them. But then Harry had to go and meet Sally and it was all lust and passion and barely any love.

That was a low point for me. I have no qualms about lust or sex, and I’ve read enough books by Jasinda Wilder to know to expect plenty of both from her work. But when a book is supposed to be a ‘contemporary romance’, I expect some relationship building. You know, the get-to-know-you stuff. I want the connection to be about more than fate or physical attraction. If two characters have strong feeling for each other, I want to see those feeling originate, or at least why they’re there. I didn’t get that from this book, and that is a big problem.

But when the all-sex-and-no-love phase passed, things got better again. Events took place that were really crucial for character development. Both Lachlan and Niall grew as people and learned to live with all that happened to them. That was all good and I really liked it.

So overall, this was a good read. The middle chunk was a bit bothersome but otherwise, I liked the book and I do recommend checking it out. It restored a little bit of my faith in the author, too. Jasinda Wilder writes books that can be quite different from one another. She’s written cute romances that start in highschool, romantic suspense, fantasy, and straight up erotic fiction. I just have to be a bit more selective in which of her novels I pick up. I’m looking forward to more of the former three types, from her.


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