Review: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken


Genre: Young-Adult, Science-Fiction, Time Travel
Pages: 486
Series: Passenger #1 (Duology)
Release Date: January 5. 2016



Passenger is a novel which follows Etta who, one tragic night, finds out that she is a Traveller, someone with the ability to travel through time via various passages. She’s taken back to eighteenth century against her will to meet a man who might help her get back home. On the way she meets Nicholas, captain of the ship she’s on. When Etta is forced into a search to find an object lost somewhere in time, Nicholas accompanies her to help and protect her.

And as interesting as that sounds, it’s not what first attracted me to the novel. I was first interested because it has a ship in it (th actually boat-things). And after reading and loving Truthwitch, I really wanted something with ships. And though the book is nothing like Truthwitch, I’m not at all disappointed because it is really good.

It started off with Etta being really excited and nervous about her violin performance. We saw her passion for her music, her relationship with her mother and with her tutor, Alice, all things which turned out to be really important to the story.

Then the time travel things happened and shit hit the fan. But Etta managed it wonderfully. I loved Etta, I really did. She was so smart and careful with her actions. She was a great person and very considerate. And she was very strong. Her interaction and her relationship with Nicholas, who I also loved, were beautiful. I loved the romance between the two. It was a very important part of the novel and though I’m sometimes bothered when romance takes the front seat in science-fiction or fantasy, here that was not the case at all. This book was all about saving the people you care about so the romance fit into it seamlessly.

The only hiccup I encountered while reading was near the 65-70% point when I was getting impatient regarding a revelations and the story had slowed down. It was a portion that wasn’t very interesting. But after I pushed through that part, things went swimmingly.

This book had a really good plot and pace. It was well-written with characters that I both liked and cared about. And now that I know it’s part of a duology (meaning I only have to read one more book to know what happens in the end!), I can’t express my joy. I freaking love duologies and I’m going to be reading the second book soon.

Overall, this was a great book and I highly recommend it.


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