Review: Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan


Genre: New-Adult, Romance
Pages: 242
Series: No
Release Date: March 1, 2016

4 Stars


On finishing this book, I was so confused. Enough that I kept putting off writing the review. Now, about ten days later, I’ve most likely forgotten half the review-relevant details so I’m going to have to work with what I remember and what I can recall.

The book follows a man named Holden Scott. He is a professional football player who, due to a recent tragedy, had gone off on quite a bender. To help him get himself back together, a friend offers him a remote lodge to relax for a month. There, he meets a beautiful girl. But she only meets him at night and he can never seem to find her himself. He falls in love without knowing if she’s even real.

Which, I have to admit, is mystical and curious and very intriguing. Mia Sheridan writes many unusual stories and she usually manages to pull them off. Like she did this time, but not entirely.

The story was really good, the characters were complex and I loved reading about them. The writing was good, and there was a twist that was freaking awesome. This was a short book and well paced. The part where the book suffered, for me, was how quickly the two protagonists fell in love.

Now, I’m not one to put a time requirement on love. Being someone who believes in true love about as much as faeries, I’m willing to accept two people falling in love in a weekend if the author does it right. And here it wasn’t done right. It seemed as if they had a few conversations and then professed their eternal and undying love for each other. Why couldn’t they have just really liked each other or felt a deep connection. Did it have to be love? Does it always have to be love?

And if you say that it does, then make me believe it. Because I didn’t believe it here.

Other than that, I had some minor issues where things got confusing, but most cleared up and others are for deliberation. Besides, I can’t write those things because they’re spoiler territory. Also, I think there were times when the dialogue became of the people-do-not-talk-like-that-in-read-life variety, but I can’t be sure (curse me, and my procrastination!).

Overall, I liked this book. It was very different from most romances and the ending was refreshing. It was imperfect and surprisingly realistic, which made it hopeful because that’s something that you might actually get. It had a lesson to it, delivered in a strange way. So if you’re up for something a bit weird but a lot interesting, I recommend you give this book a shot.


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