Review: I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore


At first, I was going to post a better looking cover, but then I realized that this dull-ass cover is perfect for this dull-ass book.

Genre: Young-Adult, Science-fiction
Pages: 440
Series: Lorien Legacies #1 (Series of 7, all books available)
Release Date: April 3, 2010

2 Stars


I know that me calling this book “dull-ass” was a little harsh but, in my opinion, it deserves the title. I mean, for a novel with such a catchy two-line synopsis (look to the cover), you want action and excitement. Did we get that? Hell, no.

The protagonist, John Smith (I hate that name for some reason), is an alien. He is, in fact, a special kind of alien called Garde who develop powers called Legacies. But only nine of them escaped the planet’s destruction, to earth. And now they’re being hunted by Mogadorians, the alien race that invaded their planet. The nine can only be killed in order. The first three are dead, and John is Number Four.

And his personality is even more cardboard that the Four from the Divergent, the movie one. Yup, it’s that bad. He’s a bland idiot prone to idiotic decisions and his love interest is a damsel without a personality, making him even worse a character. But it’s mostly due to the writing.

Basically, the writing sucks. The dialogues are poorly written. There is no intrigue or urgency to it. There’s a shit load of telling and absolutely zero showing. Some scenes are semi-decent, while others feel like they’ve been written by a fifth grader. It’s dull and has about as much emotion as a rubber duck. The only thing that kept me going was that it was boring and not incomprehensible, though the actions scenes came pretty damn close.

On the bright side, I liked the story about the aliens. I liked finding out more about the Lorien planet and what happened to it. The powers were cool. Everything ‘alien’ was good. It’s actually the reason I’m planning to continue reading the series.

Another thing that wasn’t good: the romance. I feel like I’ve been complaining about romances a lot, but is it really my fault that so many authors do a shoddy job of it? And this one was particularly bad because there wasn’t any. Seriously, there was not one moment of romance or chemistry between John and Sarah. Their meet-cute was anything but cute. She’s a gorgeous ex-cheerleader with a jackass of an ex, who John liked because she’s gorgeous and who liked John because… he’s the protagonist?

The authors (Pittacus Lore is a collective name for two authors) didn’t give two shits about actually building a romance. They just threw it in there because it seems to be a requirement in YA fiction. And mostly, I don’t mind the romances, like them even, but not his time. I mean, they didn’t even put any effort into it.

And what made it worse was that it had zero relevance to the plot. Hell, like I said, Sarah didn’t even get a personality. She didn’t have any relevance. You could’ve removed her entirely and things would have gone on without a hitch. Hands down one of the crappiest romances I’ve ever read, since the authors didn’t even seem to care about it. They actually didn’t seem to care about anything, if you take into account the amount of cliché, or convenient, parts. I feel like this was just an easy money-maker.

Overall… I’ve got nothing else to say. I’ll read the sequel (maybe in a couple of month, maybe later). As for this book, read it if you feel like it.


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