Review: Bait & Switch by Kendall Ryan


Genre: New-Adult, Romance
Pages: 272
Series: Alphas Undone #1 (Can be read as a standalone)
Release Date: February 9, 2016

1.50 Stars


My God, this book suuucked! I really hope the author never sees this review because it would not make her happy.

The book follows Nolan, an ex-Navy SEAL who, due to his experiences, doesn’t do love or committed relationships. He shares a BDSM relationship with his roommate and they’re both okay with the no-strings arrangement. Until Nolan meets a new girl (who has secrets of her own, and ulterior motives Nolan is unaware of). Lacey is more shy and timid and makes Nolan wonder if he may now want a relationship. But he’s loyal to his roommate who needs him. And that’s the “problem”.

And when I say “problem”, I really mean the quotation marks. Because seriously, Nolan’s big conundrum is that he wants to be with Lacey but because he has to help out his roommate by sleeping with her, and he’s having difficulty making a decision. Yes, his life is so difficult because he has to have kinky sex with his roommate and doesn’t want to hurt her by ending things. My heart bleeds for Nolan’s poor soul.

As for the ‘ulterior motive’ plot, it was so ridiculously obvious (and so bad) that when it was finally “revealed”, I found myself closing my eyes, heaving out a big breath, and questioning my life choices. Like why the hell I put myself through books like this.

Though in my defence, I’ve read a couple other books by Kendall Ryan that were actually good, so I couldn’t have known this one would be an epic disaster.

And if you’re wondering why I even bothered to give it half a star, it’s because there was this one part near the very end about being with someone because you want them and not because you need them. I rarely find that in books, much less in NA romances and was glad to see it. Other than that, there’s nothing this book’s got going for it.

The prose is readable. The pace I don’t give two shits about because the story is to poorly planned and executed. The author didn’t utilize the potential that the plot had, at all. This could have been a good read if there was better attention paid to developing the characters (especially the roommate) and if the ‘ulterior motive’ weren’t so freaking stupid. Like really, it made Lacey look like a complete idiot. Not that she was doing very well before.

You see, when I said the prose was readable, I didn’t mention that Lacey’s perspective sucked. Every time she was thought about Nolan, it felt like she was his shrink. She was constantly trying to figure him out, judge whether he was a good enough person, fix, him, and basically doing a full psych-analysis. And she was a damsel.

So on top of everything else being bad, we also have an idiotic damsel with an inflated sense of self-worth, as a protagonist. I just… I can’t even… There’s no reason for me to recommend that you read this book and I don’t recommend it. At all. I know a lot of people love it but I am very much not one of those people, nor do I get what they saw that I seem to have completely missed. Safe to say, I will be more cautious with Kendall Ryan’s books from now on.


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