Review: Fall with Me by Jayne Frost


Genre: New-Adult, Romance
Pages: 157
Series: Sixth Street Bands #2 (Can be read as a Standalone)
Release Date: December 19, 2015

4 Stars


Christian is the bassist of the band Caged and is recording new music. Melody is college student. They both lead very different lives but they’re both math nerds. And neither of them are interested in a relationship. So when they’re faced with a mutual attraction, they decide to give it the good ol’ no-strings try.

So they both do their own work and they have sex. Except they also bond over witty banter and math, of all things, because when does no-strings ever work? One person always get attached. In this case, they both do. But for things to work, they have to work through their reservations.

For Christian, it’s the fact that he doesn’t believe in a love that lasts, or relationships that work. Melody has had some bad experiences with overbearing boyfriends and she wants college to be priority. All good reasons. And usually, you’d expect a lot of drama to go down for those reasons. But surprisingly, there wasn’t any. Both Christian and Melody handled things like mature adults.

Their relationship was cute and I really liked them together. Individually, they both had problems. Melody could be snobby and judgemental and Christian could be a tad overbearing, but they worked very well together.

As for flaws in the novel, both the characters judgy-ness (mainly Melody’s though) sometimes bothered me; and I think the book could have used a better flow. One scene didn’t always move seamlessly into the next. Like the scenes in a movie that haven’t been arranged properly, making it seem more like a series of events than one collective story.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the novel. It was simple, short, well-paced and cute, and if you’re in the mood for something like that, you should try it.


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