Review: Midnight Revenge by Elle Kennedy


Genre: Romantic Suspense, Adult
Pages: 363
Series: Killer Instincts #7 (Can be read as a standalone, but I don’t recommend it)
Release Date: February 2, 2016



I put off reading this installment for a few months. First, because reading it would meaning I was all caught up with the series and would have to wait for the next book to come out. Second, because I didn’t expect to like it much,

The book follows the character Derek Pratt, or D, and he’s a mercenary. He’s cold and hardened and pretty much ruthless. He’s been in the series since the first book and I’ve never liked him. He was such a total dick. In this novel, he’s on a mission to find and rescue one of his teammates who’s been captured by some very dangerous people. To complicate matters, a previous one-night-stand, Sofia, gets involved in the mission and he now has another person to save.

Which is funny because Derek isn’t exactly the rescuing type. Sure, he’s part of a team of mercenaries that specializes in rescue missions, but he’s only involved in it for something to do. Knight in shining armour is not his style. Also, he’s a dick.

But as we get to read from his perspective and get to know him better, he becomes a likable presence. We learn more about how he feels as opposed to how he acts. We learn of his past and the things that were responsible for his cynical and bleak outlook of life. And we see him grow and realize that thought the world is a horrible fucking place, there are moments of happiness.

It was really good to read about him and, by the end, I actually liked the guy. I mean, I’ve has pervious moments of not wanting to punch him, but they were usually few and far between. This was a certain thing.

The other protagonist, Sofia, is also great. There was one brief moments of incredible stupidity on her part, but other than that, she was strong, composed and just… good. She’s a good person who cares about others but also doesn’t let them walk all over her. It’s a very good combination, in my opinion.

I liked the relationship between her and D, thought I do feel that the ‘love’ thing happened a tad too soon.

Overall, this was a surprising read for me. It was more brutal that most of the other installments, I think. I loved the story, the actions and the characters. I adored the subplot with Sully and Liam, two others mercenaries, and… I would say that I can’t wait to read their book, but I’ve already read it (it came out yesterday). So I’ll just say that I’m very happy with this novel and I highly recommend reading this whole series.


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