Review: Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh


Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Adult
Pages: 332
Series: Psy-Changelings #2 (Can likely be read as Standalone)
Release Date: March 1, 2007



You know, despite the half-naked guy on the cover and the innuendo in the name of the book, it’s really not all about sex. Yes, there’s adult content, but not that much. The main focus is developing the relationship, and the various problems going on in the Psy-Changelings world, what with the Psy still being emotionless bastards.

This book follows Faith. She’s an F-Psy, a forseerer, meaning she gets visions of future events. She’s the best F-Psy in the world and worth billions. But recently, her visions have taken a dark turn, showing her murders. She wants to figure out why her visions have suddenly changed and why she feels emotions in them. She decided to do to Sascha, one of the few Psy who isn’t connected to the PsyNet or the Council, as she’s part of a Changeling pack. And on her way to the secret meeting, she meets Vaughn, a pack member and Jaguar who’s more in touch with his animal side than most Changelings.

And I gotta say, I kinda liked this one more than the last. It had more humor in it. I mean, who would have thought dark, brooding Vaughn had a sense of humor. But he does. And his relationship with Faith is less dominating. He constantly pushes her, but he does it to help her. This book had less Neanderthal-ness than Slave to Sensation as well. The guys are still really protective but in a more supportive way.

The writing and pace of the novel was good. The plot regarding the killer was good and the one with the council, great. We got to know more about the world and about Psy in particular. We found out about the Silence conditioning and some of the safeguards built-in to it to prevent people from breaking Silence. It was interesting to come across an emotionless Psy who slowly comes to feel and develop romantic feeling for someone, as well as normal feelings, like whether she likes coffee with milk or without, since Psy don’t actually like or dislike things.

Overall, I liked getting more into the Psy-Changeling world. We’re still pretty disconnected from humans but that will probably change as the series moves along. I’m very interesting to know more.



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