Review: Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh


Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Adult
Pages: 352
Series: Psy-Changeling #3 (Can be read as standalone, but I don’t recommend it)
Release Date: September 4, 2007



Where the last two books had Changeling male protagonist, with the whole alpha-male thing going on, and Psy female protagonist, this one is the opposite. Which is a very good thing because we don’t want to get repetitive.

The story follows Brenna, who was saved from a psychotic serial killer after she was tortured for days and is now learning to adjust to normal life once more, and Judd Lauren, one of the Psy who are in hiding from their Council after their entire family was given what is basically a death sentence, for no fucking reason. Brenna likes Judd and would like him to feel the same way. Judd is afraid that if he breaks conditioning and starts to feel, he’ll turn into a psychotic killer thanks to his very specific skill set.

In between their relationship problems, we have the Psy council trying to eliminate both the wolf and leopard packs and there’s a serial killer gunning for Brenna. And Brenna, who is totally not a psychic, is having weird visions.

So yeah, a lot of stuff is going on. And that kind of didn’t work in the book’s favour. But more on that later.

First, we got even more info about the Silence, when it came into play, the process behind it, how kids are conditioned and the Council’s newest evil plans. Seriously,  the council is hella interesting but so completely evil that the “good” member would be the one who only murdered for political gain and power plays. Don’t even get me started on the bad ones. And that new guy, Krychek, I have no idea what to make of him. Except that he’s really smart. And then we have the rebel who’s going by the name “the ghost” which makes the whole things even more curious. Basically, the overall plot of the series is great.

And in this case, the book’s plot is really good as well. Both Brenna and Judd are great characters and the problems in their relationship are genuine. Brenna, despite being awesome and strong, is still struggling with what was done to her. And Judd is totally not kidding about the possibility of him turning into a murderer if he breaks conditioning. He didn’t his research.

I loved their relationship and how there was effort to make the relationship work, on both parts.

Where I had problems was the pace. For one, the book had a lot going on and the various tangents felt like they were not entirely necessary and were stretching the novel. And there were fillers between different major events that stretched it even more, making the book fell very long. That’s my only complaint. And that little thing that happened with Brenna in the epilogue.

Overall, this was a really good installment and I’m super happy with it. Totally the best book in the series so far.


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