ARC Review: Hearts on Air by L.H. Cosway


Genre: New-Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: TBA (But probably 300-400 pages)
Series: Hearts #6 (Can be read as Standalone)
Release Date: June 8, 2017
Publisher: WordSmith Publicity

4 Stars


Hearts on Air was one of my most anticipated releases of the year. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I read Hearts of Blue, the fourth book in the series and the one that introduced the protagonists of this novel.

Reya is a musician. A few years ago, she met the very charismatic and very wild Trevor Cross. They instantly became best friends but Reya wanted more than just friendship. Trev didn’t feel the same way and, when he got the chance to be in a TV show and live his dream, they drifted apart. Now, two years after his big break, Trevor wants another chance with Reya, but he’ll have to work to ensure that she can truly rely on him.

Trevor, you see, was revealed to have ADHD, but due to his poor upbringing and life of crime, it went undiagnosed. He’s worked hard on being more in control of his life and he wants to prove to Reya that he’s not the impulsive and reckless boy she knew.

Right from the beginning, those of us who’ve read the other two books that feature him, can feel the difference in him. It’s still not easy for him. Some days are harder than others and he has to constantly work on not giving into his impulses, but he tries very hard. I truly admired him for that and I’m very happy that L.H. Cosway decided to tell this story and the way she decided to tell it. The focus on his ADHD and how hard it can be, it was great. I’ve always liked Trevor but even if I hadn’t, he would have won me over in this novel.

Reya is a very likable characters as well. She’s been hurt by Trev and she’s not sure if she should trust him again, but she still cares about him as her friend. She and Trev have great chemistry and I was totally rooting for them.

The romance in the novel is very cute and also heartwarming. L.H. Cosway is very good at what she does. The thing that did bother me was the blame factor. Trevor was too busy in his new life and didn’t manage to stay in contact as well as he should have. He screwed up and that’s highlighted in the book. But what about Reya’s screw up? What about the fact that she let her insecurities get the best of her and stopped trying with Trev? Trev messed up, but so did Reya. And I don’t like that, in the novel, the blame is one-sided. It’s unfair and it irked me.

In the end though, I really liked the book and the way it connected to all the others. This is the last book in the Hearts series and I’m happy with the way things concluded while also being bummed about the series ending (I wanted a book with Lola, a character from Hearts of Fire). This is a great book and totally worth checking out. But you should also consider reading the other installments, especially King of Hearts, which will always be my favourite of the series.


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