Review: Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson


Genre: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Crime, Novella
Pages: Just under 100
Series: None
Release Date: February 17, 2017
Publisher: Dragonsteel Entertainment

5 Stars


This little novella was… amazing. I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything Brandon Sanderson has written, but that’s the thing with awesomeness, it may be expected but it’s never predictable.

Snapshot is set in the very near, but technologically advanced, future. And in this future, there is a way to recreate any day from the past couple of weeks. This recreation is one you can interact with, and is called a Snapshot. It’s used to investigate crimes. Our protagonist, Davis, and his partner, Chaz, have been sent into a snapshot for a simple case. Things get complicated though, when a bigger crime comes to Davis’s attention and he decides to investigate.

Along with that, there are personal issues going on. There are multiple aspects to the story. It’s about the crime, yes, but it’s more about Davis as a person.

Now, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I don’t know how Sanderson manages to do so much in a novella. Like with The Emperor’s Soul, Sanderson has given us a very interesting world, a brilliant story and two very layered and well-developed characters. Davis, especially, has quite the experience, which changes him for the better. And the sheer delicacy with which the each scene is handled… to manage all that while maintaining a beautiful flow… it’s amazing.

And having written so many review recently that were, for me, on the long side, I’m gonna stop right here. I love this book and highly recommend it. A must-read, in my opinion.


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