Review: The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan


Genre: Middle-Grade, Fantasy, Mythology (Greek), Humor
Pages: 320
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians #3
Release Date: May 5, 2007
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

5 Stars


I was very excited to read this installment (yes, even the reread) because Thalia came back to life at the end of Sea of Monsters and I couldn’t wait to read the implications or that little incident (again).

Thalia’s addition was… interesting. Since the prophecy calls for whichever child of the three elder gods turns sixteen first, and Thalia is older than Percy, does that mean she’s the child of the prophecy?

Also you might remember Annabeth saying in the last book that Percy reminded her of Thalia because they were quite similar. Well it was true, they are similar. They’re both kind of used to leading because they’ve always been the “important” ones compared to the other demigods, so putting them together in a situation complicated things. They didn’t get along. And I honestly loved how Uncle Rick decided to portray two powerful demigods clashing, despite being on the same side.

But… Thalia was a bit of a jerk as well. She ordered people around a lot and expected them to do whatever she asked and if you didn’t listen to her, she would likely kill you. She was too sure of herself, as Chiron said.

Other than the tiff between Thalia and Percy, Annabeth got kidnapped! And Artemis! Obviously, a quest was in order. Too bad Percy wasn’t allowed to be on it. Percy was not happy about this development. He was also worried about Annabeth and pissed off about everyone ganging up on him. What to do now?

Overall, this made for an extremely fun and fast-paced read with many heartfelt moments and even more oh-my-gods-they-are-all-gonna-die moments. We met Artemis and her hunters, met Apollo (he was awesome-ly hilarious) and got another step closer to the big series finale.

Before I close up, I just wanted to leave a little paragraph from my original review. Apparently, I felt bad for Hades.

I also really wanna meet Hades again. Just to see how he’s doing since no one really includes him in the meeting. Poor guy’s been left out. Someone should pay him a visit.


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