Review: Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland


To be fair, the guy is only semi shirtless and there is a tie involved, giving it some context, but it’s not enough.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult
Pages: 297
Series: None
Release Date: July 17, 2017
Publisher: EverAfter Romance

3 Stars


Story’s about a girl who meets a guy in a bar. Girl gives guy a tongue lashing for seducing her friend without telling her he’s married. Turns out, she’s got the wrong guy. Skip to the next day, he’s a professor and she’s his teaching assistant. Dun dun DUN!

Really, that’s some pretty bad luck. Though honestly, why would you yell at a random guy in a bar without being a hundred percent sure that he’s the right guy? And after finding out you screwed up, why would you not apologise right away? And then when you meet him the next day, why would you get pissy with him for no reason, even knowing that you’ve already screwed up and he’s your boss? For the answers to these question, you’d have to ask our wonderful protagonist, Rachel.

And while you’re at it, yell at her for me please because she pissed me the fuck off.

Now, it’s not unusual for me to not get along with a female protagonist, especially in romance novels (they just seem to do so many stupid things) and that’s the case once again. Though in this case, I’m blaming, not the character, but the author.

Rachel has a short fuse. Anger is her instinctive reaction to everything. Lets say she likes (and is attracted to) a guy who’s not interested in a relationship. If he’s not attacted to her, he’s an asshole; if he is but doesn’t make a move since, you know, he doesn’t want a relationship and doesn’t want to lead her on, he’s an asshole. If he does make a move, great! But after making said move, if he doesn’t want a relationship, he’s an asshole, despite having said that he wasn’t look for a relationship. So basically, the only way a guy she likes is a good guy is if he wants to live happily ever after with her. Then he could tell her that he ran over and killed a guy with his car while he was sloshed, and she’d be like, ‘It’s not your fault. You were just really drunk.

In what fucking world is that okay?! What the fucking hell is wrong with you woman?! How would you feel if a guy called you a bitch just because you didn’t return his feelings for him?! But just because Rachel is a female character written by a female author (and since we’ve already seen so much shit like this), she’s just called “feisty” instead of a total dick.

*deep breath*

Moving on…. everything else was fine. I’m not even kidding; other than wanting to find Rachel a good therapist for her fucked-up-ness, this wasn’t a bad book.

The writing was good, the story was good (albeit quite predictable), the pace was good, the sex was very hot, I liked some of the side characters, and the male protagonist, Caine, the guy who was always being called an asshole either by Rachel or himself, was surprising not an asshole at all. He was actually a really nice and considerate guy. He was smart, mature (while Rachel maturity was that of a thirteen-year-old), and just… a good guy. Even Rachel has some good moments, believe it or not.

That’s the reason for giving three starts despite the horrific blunder with Rachel, and also the reason I’m going to be reading more by Vi Keeland. This was only the first book I’ve read by her and I’m hoping others will be better.


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