Review: Full Package by Lauren Blakely


Genre: New-Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 300
Series: None (though it seems a lot of the author’s novels are part of the same universe and the characters usually show up in each others stories as friends or whatever)
Release Date: January 9, 2017
Publisher: Independent



Strangely enough, this is my first book by Lauren Blakely. It’s strange because I could’ve sworn I’d read something by her before. But when I read this novel, I was so impressed that I realized that I would’ve remembered a book by this author, had I read it.

That lead me to wanting to remedy my severe neglect of a great author. But that’s gonna have to wait because I’ve planned all the books till the end of August so severely that it will take nothing less than a miracle for me to actually stick to the plan. I’m panicked (yet, kinda excited) just thinking about it. So in the meantime, I’ll stop my rambling and review the freaking novel.

Full Package is told from the perspective of our male protagonist, Chase. Chase is a doctor who’s trying to find an apartment and having the worst luck. One of his best friends, Josie (who’s also the younger sister of another of his best friends) is having similar luck finding a good roommate. Living together seems to be the obvious solution. So what if there’s a spark between the two of them? They’ve been best friends for many years, they can handle it.

…Obviously, they can’t handle it. If they could, this book wouldn’t exist and that would be very sad indeed. Anyway, despite the attraction, they want to keep things strictly friendly. They don’t want to risk the strong friendship they have; even after they delve into the ‘benefits’ dapartment.

Now, it’s not exactly new that two friends hesitate to take things to a different level for the sake of their friendship. But in this case, it really makes sense. Especially for Chase because he’s already make the mistake of dating a friend only for it to end badly. Not only was he hurt and betrayed, he also lost a friend. And he cares about Josie too much to let the same thing happen with her.

So even though Chase and Josie have undeniable chemistry, they hold back. Don’t worry though, things don’t get too serious. They’re still the best of friends and every time they’re together, it’s a lot of fun. They work so well together. Props to Lauren Blakely for writing such a great relationship.

Also, props for stepping out of the norm with Chase. Contrary to popular tropes, Chase is not a player, or a tortured soul, or a bad boy. He has a stable job that he loves, he has lots of friends, he’s cocky in an endearing way, he’s caring and sweet, and feels very real despite being too good to be true. Josie, as well, is lovable and funny and sweet and compassionate. They’re both very likable characters and basically make the story, especially since it’s a very simple one that relies on its characters to make it special. And make it special they do.

This is a very well-written, entertaining, sweet, single-sitting read with a great narrative, that I highly recommend. I’m quite bummed out that I didn’t read something by the author before (the shirtless-dude cover has been allowed as penance). Seriously, check it out.


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