Review: Stay by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy


Genre: New-Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 294
Series: WAGs #2 (Can be read as Standalone)
Release Date: June 20, 2017
Publisher: Rennie Road Books



This novel took me by surprise. I can’t really say why, it’s not like I didn’t like Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy’s other books, but something was different from the other I’ve read by the two.

It follows Hailey, the co-owner of a virtual assistant service, who suspects that her favourite client may be the hockey player Matthew Eriksson, from the Toronto NHL team. Her suspicions are confirmed when, as a way to say thanks, he gives her two amazing tickets for the next game. The problem is that this means she might have to meet him and she’s pretty sure she won’t be able to form complete sentences when she does.

You see, Hailey’s a huge hockey fan and Eriksson is her favourite player. Meaning there’s a risk of her totally fangirling. And while she doesn’t fangirl exactly, her fear of losing the ability to form complete sentences is proved valid. It’s almost like her brain short circuits in his presence. It’s hilarious, and also adorable. Between Hailey being star stuck so often and Blake, Matthew’s teammate, with his made up lingo, this book is really funny. And we get team bonding scenes, which we didn’t in Us or Good Boy. I loved it when some of the guys got together.

Back to the protagonists though, I really liked both of them. Hailey’s recently gone through a divorce and her previous marriage, while not being bad, was kinda… boring. She’s known her ex-husband since they were kids. She’s never really dated and her chemistry with her ex was just not there. But her chemistry with Eriksson is sky-high and since it’s a new thing for her and her divorce killed her confidence a little, she’s skittish. It doesn’t help that she’s a huge fan of he guy. It’s overwhelming. She’s not sure it’s a good idea.

Eriksson wants to go for it. But nothing serious. He also had a recent divorce. A very unhappy one. And he blames himself because his wife constantly told him that his career was ruining their relationship. Now he doesn’t think he’s capable of one.

Both have complications in their lives. Both have careers and both have reasons as to why a relationship would be a bad idea. And yet things between them are really good. You’d think that with this many problem, the book would be sad or frustrating. But it was fun, enjoyable, sweet and I loved Eriksson and Hailey together. Hailey doesn’t have any problems with his career and understands that he has to travel, while Eriksson helps her regain her confidence. Great couple.

So great, in fact, that I wasn’t even waiting for Jamie and Wes to show up. Much. Still love those two more than anything but I also love Hailey and Eriksson. Which is why I totally recommend reading this novel.


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